Albums on Repeat

Albums on Repeat – May 2022

These are some of the albums we’ve been listening to in the past month!

Here’s the playlist with our favorite songs:

Rick has been listening to Samael’s Reign Of Light:

Samael – Reign Of Light

Samael somehow went from making great, if standard, black metal to making their unique blend of industrial black metal, filled with… some of the most peace-and-love lyrics I’ve ever read in metal music? Yeah, it is weird for me as well. But their catchy and martial rhythms are inescapable, both music and lyrics concur to create a one-of-a-kind subgenre, and the result is something too interesting not to be checked out.

Rutger has been listening to Banshee’s Fantasy:

Banshee – Fantasy

Because of her roots in trap music, there might be some debate on whether or not Banshee can be considered metal, but it’s undeniable that there’s metal influences in her music. I was a bit skeptical at first, but when I gave it a chance, Banshee’s music is really stuck with me, thanks to its intriguing sound as well as its lyrical themes. So if you’re interested in innovative music, you should definitely check out Banshee.

Connor has been listening to Kalmah’s They Will Return:

Kalmah – They Will Return

Now 20 years old, this is still one of the best melodic death records in existence, because Kalmah embraces the things that make the genre exciting. Believe it or not, melodeath has punk in its DNA, thanks to the traces of thrash in its formula. The best bands also added black metal into the mix for a sound that was harmonically dynamic but still blisteringly fast, technical, and energetic. They Will Return is a colorful whirlwind that rushes through shapely riffs and entrancing melodies at the speed of death, never becoming dull, even during the occasional tasteful repose. The careful balance between beauty, darkness, grace, and raw power makes Kalmah’s sophomore release one to revisit often.

Nathan has been listening to Kayo Dot’s Hubardo:

Kayo Dot – Hubardo

An album that makes you earn it. Kayo Dot are never the same from album to album, and this collection of bizarre noises might be some of their stretchiest matterial. In any case, it’s excellent jazzy/ambient/metal music that’s in a space where few other bands even want to wander.

Matthew has been listening to Black Sabbath’s Mob Rules:

Black Sabbath – Mob Rules

I’ve been listening to a lot of Sabbath lately. Mob Rules isn’t as consistent or polished as Heaven and Hell, but it has some great tracks. The first part of the record is particularly strong.

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