Albums on Repeat

Albums on Repeat – August 2022

These are some of the albums we’ve been listening to in the past month!

Here’s the playlist with our favorite songs:

Rutger has been listening to Mantar’s Pain is Forever and This is the End:

Mantar – Pain is Forever and This is the End

Though Imperial Triumphant’s Spirit of Ecstasy won the ‘Album of the month’-title for me, Mantar’s Pain is Forever and This is the End has been spinning a lot as well, lately. Like their previous records, it’s got that perfect balance between depression and energy, making it one of the albums I’ve listened to most while commuting by bike or on foot.

Matthew has been listening to Blood Incantation’s Starspawn:

Blood Incantation – Starspawn

Nothing better than aliens and death metal.

Leon has been listening to Nechochwen’s Kanawha Black:

Nechochwen – Kanawha Black

Ever since it came out back in May I’ve been spinning it at least once a week. Some say it’s a bit unfocused with too many disparate styles composing the songs. I can see that, but I also don’t agree because for one, it’s still tonally consistent, and two, all the different parts are pure ear candy regardless. Hard recommend if you’ve any affinity for melodic black or death metal and/or classic guitar.

Jared has been listening to Dismember’s Like An Ever Flowing Stream:

Dismember – Like An Ever Flowing Stream

Dismember’s legendary album “Like An Ever Flowing Stream” just got re-released on streaming services after being missing for a long time, thanks to the band re-signing with Nuclear Blast. I took the opportunity to listen to it again, and it still holds up to this day. It’s impressive how much modern death metal bands take after Dismember almost without knowing it, as they reflect a more polished side of the Stockholm sound.

Nathan has been listening to Cultes Des Ghoules’ Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love:

Cultes Des Ghoules – Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love

Cultes Des Ghoules play a fascinating style of black metal where songs will last for a hearty length, then keep going, then sound too long to the point of boredom, then keep going, then wrap all the way back around to interesting because of how long the track has lasted. Their black metal is drenched in halloween vibes, and it’s always good for a fun listen.