Albums on Repeat

Albums on Repeat – February 2022

These are some of the albums we’ve been listening to in the past month!

Here’s the playlist with our favorite songs:

Rutger has been listening to Rivers of Nihil’s The Work:

Rivers of Nihil – The Work

As The Work was my favourite album of 2021, I still can’t get enough of it. The diversity in sound, the storytelling, and the energetic death metal songs make up an album that stays interesting, no matter how often you put it on. Furthermore, the saxophone and the references to earlier albums make it a perfect ending to their four season-themed quadrilogy.

Leon has been listening to Helheim’s WoduridaR:

Helheim – WoduridaR

Didn’t make my 2021 AOTY list, if nothing, due to the unfortunate fact that sometimes you have to make a choice. Still, Helheim, as the “other Enslaved” is woefully underappreciated in my opinion. If I were to be bold, I’d call them the less pretentious Enslaved. It still is progressive black metal in the viking genre, but with their own unique spin and a very strong grasp of songwriting, melody and atmosphere. They’ve been part of the norwegian scene since the early days, slowly changing styles, always improving, culminating in WoduridaR, their 12th record.

Matthew has been listening to Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell:

Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell

I have great respect for Ozzy, but Dio’s performance on this record is what pushes it over the edge for me. Perhaps Heaven and Hell isn’t as impactful or formative as earlier Sabbath records, but it’s definitely in my personal top three. There’s no filler to be found and in terms of musical composition, it’s excellent.

Nathan has been listening to Effluence’s Ballistic Bloodspray:

Effluence – Ballistic Bloodspray

A glorious mix of brutal death metal and free jazz. Effluence is almost unlistenable and all the better for being so.

Chris has been listening to Spectral Wound’s A Diabolic Thirst:

Spectral Wound – A Diabolic Thirst

It is just so damned good. Dark, raw and cold. This album hits all the keynotes of the classic Norwegian black metal sound, yet still maintains a freshness and accessibility. I think this is a great gateway album for those twisted souls seeking an introduction into the genre. If you don’t like A Diabolic Thirst, you don’t like black metal.

Rick has been listening to Cauldron’s Burning Fortune:

Cauldron – Burning Fortune

Amongst the recent wave of traditional heavy metal bands Cauldron haven’t shined as bright as they deserved, which is a shame because this heavily Angel Witch-inspired band has plenty of solid riffs and melodic hooks to show, as demonstrated by this album from 2011. I now lie down and wait for some new material from these guys but in the meantime this is an album worth revisiting.

Jared has been listening to Immolation’s Dawn of Possession:

Immolation – Dawn of Possession

In anticipation for their next release, I’ve been returning to some of Immolation’s classic albums. Their debut in particular stands out as a landmark death metal release. In 1991, death metal was still young, and no one was creating a cacophony quite like Immolation. Their ability to write songs that descend downwards into Hell is truly remarkable.

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