Albums on Repeat

Albums On Repeat – June 2023

Here’s what we’ve been listening to:


Encryptor – Sermon Decay

A practically unknown Christian death metal band hailing from Panama. The vocals are absolutely brutal and it has that lo-fi production quality perfect for the underground. The style and art of the album are also great.


Wilderun – Veil Of Imagination

Seeing Wilderun live recently has re-ignited my love for these guys. I still think Epigone is weaker by Wilderun standards, but holy crap Veil holds up. This record deserves all the hype it got and more. Absolute masterpiece, and the same can be said for Sleep at the Edge of the Earth.


Sijjin – Sumerian Promises

Some intense death metal filled with hatred and vigor. I can always return to this when I want something that is straightforward and bludgeoning, this is one of my go-to listens.