Verikalpa – Tuomio Review

Band: Verikalpa
Album: Tuomio
Label: Scarlet Records
Genre: Folk metal
Release Date: April 19th, 2024
For Fans Of: Finntroll, Korpiklaani, Equilibrium

Hey guys, folk metal twink here reporting in with good tidings. You may recall Verikalpa, whose 2022 outing Tunturihauta I reviewed to lukewarm response. Well, in keeping with their album-every-two-years release schedule, Verikalpa have returned, and might I say- in a big way.

I was late to the punch with this one, seeing as I’m writing the review after it’s already released. But when I heard what Verikalpa cooked up, I was so impassioned I had to put it into words. At a time when so many prolific folk metal bands have either retreated to their caves to hibernate or lost their touch entirely, Verikalpa have taken a massive step up in response. My main criticism of Tunturihauta was that Verikalpa felt too comfortable hiding behind their influences, but on Tuomio, they seem to be riding in the vanguard right alongside all those legendary bands.

The name of the game with Verikalpa has always been melody and energy. Where Tunturihauta was inconsistent on that front, Tuomio knocks it out of the park. The first two tracks on this record alone make up some of Verikalpa’s best work, and the unrelenting energy continues all through the first half and into the B-side. “Arvon tuomari” is an outstanding opener, and follow-up “Laulava vainaja” might be my favorite Verikalpa song yet. The rest of the front side keeps up this energy, and the back half has surprises in store that I didn’t expect.

The biggest change might be that Verikalpa seem to be aware of when they have something special. They aren’t afraid to repeat a great melody, or slow things down and linger on a huge riff to get heads moving. They do this without sacrificing forward momentum, a subtle skill that is essential for making great folk metal.

Beyond all this, the production is better, the performances are tighter, and the band sounds more cohesive than ever. Verikalpa have taken the next step to becoming a premiere folk metal band, and in Tuomio have made what could be one of the best folk records of the last five years. It’s already out, so check this record and give the band some love.

Rating: 8/10


  1. Arvon tuomari
  2. Laulava vainaja
  3. Noijan sauna
  4. Sammalsynti
  5. Tuhkakruunu
  6. Tulimerten taa
  7. Hakkaa hakkaa
  8. Maat hauraan hautaa
  9. Eksyneet
  10. Veritonttu
  11. Kaunan valta
  12. Tuomi

Total Playing Time: 54:23

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