Top Tracks of the week – Jan 1-7, 2018

Starting 2018 with the right playlist!

Judas Priest – Lightning Strike
Those guys still got it. They deliver a catchy song that promises a lot for the upcoming album.

Afrgund – Callous
Multinational Grindcore / Death Metal. This one’s off their new album “The Dystopian”.

Weedpecker – From Mars to Mercury
The Polish Psychedelic Stoner Metalers released their thrid full-length. This is the longest song off “III”.

Destr̦yer 666 РCall of the Wild
It doesn’t get much more kvlt than this. This song is off their new EP “Call of the Wild” which will be released in February.

Rebellion – A Fool’s Tale
The German Power Metalers are going to release their new album at the end of January. This will be the first song on it.

Watain – Teufelsreich
An established force in Black Metal released a solid album, called “Trident Wolf Eclipse”. This is our favorite song.

Pestilence – Non Physical Existent
The legendary Pestilence will release an unrelentless storm of Progressive Death Metal in March, entitled “Hadeon”. This song was released in advance.

Orphaned Land – We Do Not Resist
Surprisingly heavy song from the Israeli Metal band. Can’t wait for the new album.

Shining – Svart ostoppbar eld
Depressive bleakness at its best. What else would you expect from these guys?

Sinistro – Cosmos Controle
Off the third full-length from this Portuguese Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal band. The perfect way to end the playlist.



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