Top Tracks of the week – Jan 8-14, 2018

2nd week of January, 2nd edition of “Top Tracks of the week”!

White Wizzard – Storm the Shores
Stand out track off their new album “Infernal Overdrive”. Very Maiden-esque.

Bleeding Gods – Birds of Hate
Melding the aggressiveness of thrash and death metal with some groove elements.

Eleine – Sanity
From their upcoming 2nd full-length “Until the End”. Symphonic Metal from Sweden.

Avatar – Legend of the King
High expectations for this album. This is the only song that really lives up to them.

In Vain – Soul Adventurer
Very proggy song from their upcoming album “Currents”. Way calmer than their previous material.

Heidevolk – Onverzetbaar
Solid, dutch Folk Metal. Sound quality could be better, though.

Tribulation – The World
The album release is drawing near and this song creates even higher expectations.

Therion – Night Reborn
Off their upcoming 15th full-length. Exquisite metal with operatic vocals.

Hamferd – Frosthvarv
Starts calm and then transcends into monolithic riffs. Off the second full-length from the Faroese doom band.

Harakiri for the Sky – Heroin Waltz
Melancholy, grief from Austria’s finest Post-Black Metal band. Can’t wait for the album to come out.


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