Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – June 16 2023

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Jared is looking forward to:

Saturnus – The Storm Within

My favorite doom band of all time are releasing their fifth full length album after an 11 year wait. Check out my review of it.

Thy Catafalque – Alfold

The brainchild of genius Tamás Kátai, Thy Catafalque are one of the premiere bands in avantgarde metal, and he’s dropping a new album this week.

Creeping Death – Boundless Domain

Creeping Death are pretty straight-forward hardcore-infused death metal that have taken the US scene by storm in the last few years, and I’m interested in hearing if they push their boundaries or rest on their laurels.

Nathan is looking forward to:

A.M.E.N. – The Book Of Lies – Liber I

I wish I had time to review more albums because of releases like this. This weird conglomeration of death metal, clarinet, and spoken word deserves more attention than it will get. If you snort weird music off of every possibly surface John Mulaney-style, this is something you absolutely want to pay attention to. I, Voidhanger continues to absolutely knock it out of the park.

Helleruin – Devils, Death, and Dark Arts

Just some fun, high-octane melodic black metal. Large energy from beginning to end.

Rise To The Sky – Two Years Of Grief

Emotional, heavy, and dark.