Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums 10/27/23

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

End – The Sin Of Human Frailty

A wild and savage release from an interesting band. If you liked Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face, then this will also be satisfying. Just unnecessarily severe in all the right ways.

One Of Nine – Eternal Sorcery

Sometimes you don’t want the new avant-garde glitch metal/disco/gregorian chant release from an artist that has purposefully not listened to any music made since 1731. Sometimes you just want some nice black metal from a band that’s telling a vaguely magical story about ancient dark scrolls and whose music is kind of second-wave worship, but sounds fresh. Here you go. Regardless of anything else about this record, it’s just satisfying to listen to.

Sepulchral Curse – Abhorrent Dimensions

Transcending Obscurity has another great one. Big, meaty death metal with great production that oozes passion, Sepulchral Curse’s new release deserves the attention of every death metal fan around.

Three Eyes OF The Void – The Atheist

Some surprisingly engaging black metal that sounds like it’s trying to be atmoblack but veers into something more interesting when given the opportunity. Contains longform songs that you can get lost in.