Top Tracks of the week – Mar 5-11, 2018

New edition of the weekly metal playlist!

Judas Priest – Evil Never Dies
Priest is back. Best album since Painkiller?

Greystone Canyon – River of Fire
You think Country and Metal don’t work together? Greystone Canyon proves you wrong.

Between The Buried And Me – Yellow Eyes
One of the world’s most praised Prog Metal bands release their 8th full-length. And another one’s to come in 2018 already.

Drudkh – За зорею, що стрілою сяє
Hailing from Ukraine, arguably the most famous Atmospheric Black Metal band provide us with another masterpiece.

Memoriam – Nothing Remains
Releasing their 2nd album on March 23rd this is an awesome appetizer.

Ministry – We’re Tired Of It
The Industrial Metal legends express their anger towards the status quo.

Cellphone – Jail Forever
One of the worst band names I’ve ever heard. The music’s pretty rad, though.

Conjurer – Retch
Much better band name. Great Sludge Metal off their debut album.

Nifters – Army of Needles
Relatively unknown Heavy Metal band from Sweden. Off their new EP “Myths, Lies and Mirrors”.

Dreamarcher – Aske
Off their new Harding EP, the Norwegian Post-Metalers provide us with beautiful, dreamy music.


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