Top Tracks of the week – Mar 12-18, 2018

The essenial songs of the week!

TesseracT – King
Djenty Prog Metal from the UK. Off their upcoming fourth studio album.

Rivers of Nihil – The Silent Life
These guys from Pennsylvania create an awesome blend of Tech Death and beautiful melodies.

Enterprise Earth – Only Hell Will Embrace the Damned
Brand new single by the American Deathcore band. As deathcore as it gets, but in a good way.

The Crown – Destroyed by Madness
Swedish , Melodic Thrash. Off their 10th full-length “Cobra Speed Venom”.

Monotheist – The Grey King
Founded in 2004, these guys release their debut full-length 14 years later.

Revel in Flesh – Bonecrusher
German Death Metal. Off their new Compilation.

Nekrogoblikon – Dressed as Goblins
After this you won’t forget what these guys are dressed as.

Crematory – Salvation
The German Gothic Metal legends release their 14th studio album in April.

Susperia – My Darkest Moment
A Norwegian mix of Thrash, MeloDeath and Power Metal.

Primordial – Exile Amongst the Ruins
Clean vocals, not much Black Metal left, but definitely great Folk Metal.


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