MU’s Hangover Playlist

„Oh god, oh fuck. My head hurts so damn much. What the hell did I do last night?“ – Does this sound like you? Do you like to get absolutely hammered now and then, even though you promise yourself you’ll never do it again every time? Then Metal Utopia has something for you. Our Hangover Playlist will cure you aching body and mind better than a gallon of gatorade and a greasy meal. We got soothing songs to calm your throbbing nerves, heavy songs that fully understand how it is when your body feels like a dirty wet mop, and even some upbeat songs to remind you that last night’s party was dope and was, indeed, worth it. Crank this up and start chugging the water. We’ll get through this day together.

A History of Drunks by Melvins

Party too hard and you might end up in the annals of history. Or just jam these heavy but somehow soothing riffs to ease up the headache.

Suici.De.Pression (Introduction To My End) by Thy Light

This beautiful piano piece is perfect to melancholically contemplate your state of apathy after a night of drinking. It’s gloomy, dark and woeful, but it also contains a spark of hope.

Alone by Numenorean

A short and sweet track that summarizes how lonely you’ll feel while recovering from the worst of all hangovers. Numenorean’s more reserved and ambient side is perfect for trying to recover from the night before.

Dying Inside by Saint Vitus

This song fits the topic “Hangover” very well. Who doesn’t know the feeling of waking up after a rough night out and swearing never to drink again? This classic by the legendary doom band reflects this feeling better than any other song. The fuzzy guitar might even reduce your headache. Definitely a must-listen for any hangover.

Date with the Devil by Mutoid Main

Don’t know ’bout you, but the devil mentioned in the lyrics might as well reference a bottle of cheap liquor and the song would still make sense

Malina by Leprous

One of the more toned back and atmospheric tracks on this stellar record. The electronics and the string accompaniment is perfect for just listening and soothing your currently fragile state of mind. The song builds up and crumbles back down slowly and is overall just easy to listen to and enjoy.

Intoxication by Disturbed

The million dollar question during every hangover: “Why do I keep intoxicating myself over and over again?” Well, maybe Disturbed can shed some light on it with this entertaining song.

Isak by Baroness

A nice rhythmic and simple song structure that stays interesting without overloading your headache. Baroness fans are well acquainted with the bands peculiar and instantly recognizable sound. For the days when you wakeup confused and dazed in your friends apartment, pick Baroness.

Existense is Punishment by Crowbar

Indeed it is during hangover, and these slow, plodding riffs perfectly evoke that sort of misery.

The Good Doctor by Haken

When you’re laying in bed after a night of heavy drinking, maybe Haken’s Good Doctor can think of a remedy to help you cure your hangover.

Feel So Numb by Rob Zombie

Hangovers often show a number of symptoms. For most people, the least dreadful symptom is a general feeling of numbness. With this song, Rob Zombie helps you focus on the positive side of it.

Ruby Pool by VOLA

Nothing like relaxing to a nice and slow track with some fluttering piano and electronics. The opening lyric (I wanna lay my head down) perfectly exemplifies exactly what you want to do with a hangover, except for all of eternity.

Facing Hell by Ozzy Osbourne

Having a hangover can certainly feel like you’re facing hell. Luckily, Ozzy has written a song about it so you’ll know you’re not the only one who’s feeling like that.

Ísafold by Sólstafir

Sometimes when you have a hangover you don’t really feel like listening to music that’s too heavy. If that’s the case, you can put on Sólstafir, a post metal band that takes you from the couch right to the wilderness in Iceland.

Dissociation by The Dillinger Escape Plan

The closing track to their legendary, final record. This is the perfect track to close your eyes and let the music take you away. This song is just so atmospheric with a very slow and relaxing pace ideal for laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing while recovering from the night before.

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