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Everything started as a Google+ page in November 2011. The page was called \m/etalBox. At the beginning we only shared our favorite music videos with our followers. The number of followers rose very quickly and we decided to do reviews, too. So we created a blog, still called \m/etalBox. We did a couple of reviews and interviews with underground bands. People seemed to like it, so we decided we needed a real website. We had to change our name into metalutopia, because the other one was already taken. And here we are, maintaining this website, writing reviews, doing interviews, expanding your horizons!

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  1. Imperative PR

    Hi – we are Imperative PR, a UK based music management and PR company. You’ve recently reviewed Dreamfire’s Atlantean Symphony album – one of the bands we represent. We’d like to be able to send you music and news from our other artists. If you’d be happy to hear from us could you send us a suitable e-mail address for sending material to you?
    Many thanks

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