Eisbrecher – Schock Review

Band: Eisbrecher Album: Schock Label: AOR / Sony Genre: Industrial / Electro Metal / Neue Deutsche Härte Country: Germany Release Date: January 23, 2015 German industrial metallers Eisbrecher just released their sixth studio album, called “Schock”. You don’t know Eisbrecher? If not, you’re not very familiar with the Neue Deutsche Härte, are you? Together with

Battle Beast – Unholy Savior Review

Band: Battle Beast Album: Unholy Savior Label: Nuclear Blast Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal Country: Finland Release Date: January 9, 2015     The guys and the girl from Battle Beast just released their third album, called “Unholy Savior”. After listening to their previous, self-titled effort, I had to check this out as quickly

Mechina – Acheron Review

Band: Mechina Album: Acheron Label: Independent Genre: Industrial/Death Metal Country: USA Release Date: January 1, 2015 Formed in 2004, Chicago’s Mechina is a band that is not afraid to touch multiple genres which shows the band’s wide range of musical talent and willingness to fearlessly experiment with different sounds. Traits