Top Tracks of the week – Jan 29-Feb 4, 2018

The fifth edition of our weekly playlist. Check it out!

Ancst – Dysthymia
A unique mix of Crust Punk, Black Metal and Dark Ambient. Off their upcoming second full-length.

Judas Priest – Firepower
Title track of their upcoming album. Proving once more that they are the metal gods.

Tengger Cavalry – Ride into Grave and Glory (War Horse II)
There’s not that many Asian Folk Metal bands. This one’s definitely one of the better ones. This song is from their upcoming album “Cian Bi”.

Necrophobic – Tsar Bomba
If the album keeps what the singles promise, it’s gonna be bangin’.

Lione/Conti – Ascension
Lione has been Rhapsody of Fire’s vocalist from 97 to 2016, Conti is the vocalist for Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody. Together they release a bombastic Power Metal record.

Memoriam – Bleed the Same
The British Death Metal formation reminds us that we all bleed the same. Slow track from their upcoming record “The Silent Vigil”.

Susperia – The Lyricist
The Norwegians mix Melodic Death Metal with Thrash. This is the title track from their upcoming album.

Eartheria – A Wake (In The Sun)
This Finnish Progressive Death Metal band formed back in 2014. This is a song off their 2nd EP “Awaken The Sun”.

Saxon – The Secret Of Flight
These English gentlemen need no introduction. This is off their 22nd full-length record.

Light the Torch – Die Alone
Previously known as “Devil You Know” and featuring Howard Jones, these guys deliver solid Metalcore. This one’s off their upcoming album.


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