Albums Of The Month – May 2023

Here are our favorite releases of May 2023:


Haunt – Golden Arm

Haunt is one of the most active and consistent bands in heavy metal. Golden Arm continues the band’s relentless march of NWOTHM with blazing riffs and energetic anthems.


Kalmah – Kalmah

Kalmah’s triumphant, awe-inspiring melodies are back in full force, and the band keeps their sound safely away from camp territory with a razor-sharp edge and blistering tempos, making this one of the better entries in their expansive canon.


Phlebotomized – Clouds Of Confusion

The new Thantifaxath release was probably better, but it came out too late and I haven’t listened to it enough yet. In any case, Phlebotomized made a fascinating release that had stayed with me since I reviewed it. Not a lot of time, but this release feels substantial.