Amaranthe – Massive Addictive Review

Band: Amaranthe Album: Massive Addictive Label: Spinefarm Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Power Metal Country: Sweden Release Date: October 21st, 2014     Either you love them, or you hate them. They’re about the most divisive European metal band at the moment: Amaranthe are releasing their newest effort Massive Addictive. I’m part of the people who love

Nachtblut – Chimonas Review

Band: Nachtblut Album: Chimonas Label: Napalm Genre: Melodic Black Metal / Gothic Metal Country: Germany Release Date: October 17th, 2014   A great mix of Gothic Ballads and Black Metal smashers: Nachtblut just released their fourth album, Chimonas. Their musical progress from one release to the other brought them a contract with

Circaic Interview

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve been doing this interview but now it’s time to publish it. The whole thing started when Joshua, the guitarist for the band Circaic sent me an email with the video for their song “Beyond Recalibration”. He discovered us via our Google+

Belphegor – Conjuring the Dead Review

Band: Belphegor Album: Conjuring the Dead Label: Nuclear Blast Genre: Blackened Death Metal Country: Austria Release Date: August 8th 2014   Some of the characteristics that make up Black Metal were cool in the beginning but now in 2014 comes off as kind of gimmicky and cartoonish (Dedications to Satan and the occult, corpse paint, etc.)

Introduction to our new website

Hey everybody, we’re proud to announce our new website Hopefully we’re able to maintain this site for a long time. What can you expect from this? Well, we’ll be posting reviews, news, interviews, videos, etc. on here. Of course we’ll stay active on Google+, too. Speaking of social networks,