Putrefying Cadaverment – Indiscriminate Butchery Review

Band: Putrefying Cadaverment
Album: Indiscriminate Butchery
Label: Sevared Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: United States of America
Release Date: April 14th, 2019

Putrefying Cadaverment is a three-piece Brutal Death Metal band from Kings Mountain, North Carolina consisting of, for this release, Blake Scott on guitars, Evan Barton on drums, and Justin Vølus on bass and vocals. Originally formed back in 2007 by Blake Scott, splitting up when he joined the police force in 2010, and then reforming in 2017; releasing a demo and an EP in 2007, a demo as the reformed group in 2018, and finally a full-length in 2019. Following last year’s demo, which was an interesting blend of old-school Brutal Death Metal and Slam Death Metal, Indiscriminate Butchery is the full bloody picture of a beast on the rise.

The sound the band goes for here is closer to old-school era worship, but the touches of Slam certainly remain. Everything on display, from the artwork, to the production, is about bringing you back to that time where the music sounded like it was trying to hurt you; this is caveman Death Metal, except this caveman is about to break your nose. Putrefying Cadaverment has no technical fretboard gymnastics, because they don’t need them, just solid and straight-forward Brutal Death Metal.
Blake Scott is the guitarist who brings plenty of squeals in with his bag of hefty riffs; the majority of his riffs are heavily fuzzed sledgehammers of complete aural devastation, varying in speed but never trading in brutality. The guitars aren’t fancy, and you won’t find any solos across the eleven songs, but you hear brutalizing riffs and squeals filling every corner. There is some repetitiveness to the music, and the guitars are particularly guilty of this, but I didn’t find it grating as I never wanted a single moment to end. From song to song, there is a familiarity in the sound, yet each song retains more than enough individual character to set it apart.

Evan Barton was the man behind the kit for this release, and he does an exceptional job pummeling, blasting, and crashing across Indiscriminate Butchery. There are a few moments that pop-up throughout the album where the drums seem to slip, whether it is a double-bass rip or a fill, something is a little off time. These moments are noticeable but easily forgivable in the context of an otherwise great song, and it is entirely possible it was even intentional. I especially enjoyed the use of the cymbals, which are often forgotten almost entirely in this sub-genre.

Justin Vølus is in charge of both the bass and the vocals which is a task he makes look easy. The bass is just as fuzzed out and evil as the guitars, and though it is sometimes obscured, it is no less lethal. Underlining the pungent stench of the guitars, slithering through each song, and dripping with a malignant moss on every note, the bass is truly top-notch. My only complaint is that it is a little too drowned out, considering how much it achieves when the way is cleared for it to shine through. Justin’s vocals are perfectly fitting for this style of music, utterly abhorrent and indecipherable; a monster’s throaty and warbling gurgle is the predominant weapon employed, with other styles making brief, and pointed, appearances. I didn’t understand a single word vomited forth by Justin, and I couldn’t have cared less; it was used as an indispensable part of the soundscape, with the horrific throat-tearing vocals acting as a fourth instrument.

Indiscriminate Butchery is a nearly perfect snapshot of the Brutal Death Metal legacy filtered through a lens of nostalgia. If you were ever a lover of the early and truly brutal days of the sub-genre, this will bring back the warm memories of listening to this however you could so your parents didn’t bitch about the noise. Putrefying Cadaverment has put forth a complete statement on what it is, stands for, and what will come. This has probably been my most repeated album of 2019 so far and is definitely not one you want to miss out on.

Rating: 9/10


  1. Bayonet Forced Entry
  2. Barb Wire Asphyxiation
  3. Corspemine
  4. Mass Grave Sewage Line
  5. Revel In Decay
  6. Mustard Gas Ulceration
  7. Vertical Coffin
  8. Spine Forge
  9. Indiscriminate Butchery
  10. Only the Malevolent Reign
  11. Entrenched In Dysentery

Total Playing Time: 27:43

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