Necrosexual – The Goryhole Overture in F# Review

Band: Necrosexual
Album: The Goryhole Overture in F#
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Thrash Metal / Black Metal
Country: United States of America
Release Date: May 17th, 2019

Necrosexual is an unusual name to come across in most circumstances, but writing reviews for Metal music has significantly jaded me it seems, as I didn’t even think twice about it until writing the name out for this review. Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the band consists of the titular Necrosexual, Anthony Vigo Gabriele, Michael Lee Churry, and Ryan Dred Rot. I was alerted to this release by a member of Basilysk, whose debut I reviewed just a short while back. With that connection, I was eager to listen to what this has to offer. This is only the second EP release from this group, following 2018’s Grim1.

Right from the outset, it is clear that only personnel connections to Basilysk are relevant, this is a completely different beast with little to no similarity. Necrosexual is an uncommon blending of disparate parts of Thrash Metal, Black Metal, and the over-the-top Rock and Roll of the ’70s and ’80s. With vocals that range from growls to a self-described “necrofalsetto” that is definitely shocking to an unsuspecting listener. This is an act that wears “genre-defying” proudly, and doesn’t shy away from some Punk roots while staying true to the Metal end of things; The Goryhole Overture in F# is the weirdest damn plate at the music buffet, and it is all the better for it. From the opening, when the listener is addressed directly, I knew I was in for a theatric album.

The drums are very well balanced in the mix; quiet enough to let the bass and guitars shine, but loud enough that you don’t miss a crash. Not overly showy until necessary and then it is executed with style and precision, without overlooking any inch of the kit. There were a couple of times throughout the runtime that I found the drums remaining a little too simple for too long, which seemed a pity as the talent is so clear when utilized appropriately. Bass lines are well done on this EP, in the background, doing what the bass is often employed for, but capable of bursts of creativity when the spotlight shines on it. Guitars, as with most Thrash, are the stars here and rightfully so; between rhythm sections that grip the back of your head to force headbanging to blazing acrobatic solos, fretboards were harmed in the making of this album.

Necrosexual’s vocals are a subject of their own because they will be instantly divisive fairly early on into your inaugural journey in Goryhole. The majority of the vocals are in a professional level Thrash growl that not only works with the music but helps the lyrics transcend what they would have otherwise been. The other end of the vocal spectrum here is the “necrofalsetto” I mentioned above; a sudden high-pitch shriek is hit, and sometimes it works very well, like in the title track, but in the opening song/intro, it seems more like a gimmick waved around early to grab attention. It is used later in Orgy on Your Burial to similarly mixed results; more than a few times it fits so well that I didn’t find it catching me off guard or otherwise off-putting, but there was an equal number of times that it just didn’t work.

There are only five tracks to get to know this group, and to their undeniable credit, you can’t listen to any of these songs individually without knowing exactly what you are getting into. Necrosexual is an act that I probably would have passed up given that I’m not too into Thrash, and the unusual artwork might have made me question it as well; beyond that wall was an interesting display of influences and talents that couldn’t have distilled the same if given a million years. Despite any complaints I may have, this is a fun, unique listen, and once in a while, that really is enough to recommend something.

Rating: 7/10


  1. Necromutants March Through Hell – The Prelude
  2. The Goryhole Overture in F#
  3. The Lair Where No Light Enters
  4. In Ancient Days (Black Widow cover)
  5. Orgy on Your Burial

Total Playing Time: 17:38

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