Inisans – Transition Review

Band: Inisans
Album: Transition
Label: Blood Harvest Records
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Release Date: 2 April, 2018

Inisans are a four piece death metal band from Sweden formed in 2009. They released a demo in 2012 called Morbid Vision of Death which was later released as part of a split with Skelethal. Now, their first full-length, Transition, is here courtesy Blood Harvest Records.

Inisans play fast and foul riff-filled old school death metal. Transition is an album that hardly ever slows down, only doing so long enough to let you feel the bruising. This album is filled to the brim of its twenty-nine minute run time with filthy old school death metal. No space is wasted.

The album art matches the sound of Inisans remarkably well. The cloudy skies, the bolts of lightning, the unsettled sea, the multi-headed beast, the tower, and a figure stuck helplessly outside. Everything about this album is like being swept up in a storm; swirling guitars, pounding drums, and roaring growls. All of this also is represented in Inisans’ logo to great effect.

The first song on Transistion is Tombstone, which opens with the drums rolling, and then the guitars and growls come crashing in. It is the turning over of a mighty engine that roars its way through the rest of the album. Tombstone makes for a strong opener, and serves as a good example of what is to come. The guitars blaze through with a constant riffing that doesn’t leave any song space uncovered. The drums that started the song running stop don’t slow down at all; occasionally breaking off to a quick impressive fill. There is a dizzying solo starting at around the 2:35 mark showcasing their adept musicianship early on this album.

Beyond The Gates is the second song. Upon first listen it has a similar sound to Tombstone, only when I listened to the song again did the subtleties begin to come through. The constant riffing of the guitars, the consistent pounding drums, and the roars are all in place like the opening track. This is a solid song, but isn’t nearly as impressive as some of its album mates.

Darkness Profound is the next song, and certainly a standout. It starts with a moderately paced riff that sets a nice atmosphere before it breaks back into their speedy foul brand of death metal. With this song, Inisans are charging at you and you have to withstand the assault. We are gifted another windy swirling dual solo before Darkness Profound brutalizes us a bit more and shows us the door.

Demon Wings is the fourth song on Transition, and easily my favorite. This song instantly stuck out to me; within the first few play-throughs, almost every time I stopped to marvel at a moment in a song, it was this one. For me, this is the absolute best of every part of Inisans carefully distilled to fit into a four minute song. The slow-down that happens about half-way into the song is what old school metal dreams are made of; the slow solos that slither out from this section are an album highlight.

Jaws is the fifth track and certainly falls in line with the rest of the songs presented here. Being the shortest of the songs, it misspends not a single second. Assaulting you the whole way through with everything in their arsenal; this is a short and sweet chop to the neck. Once again, though good, it lacks the je nais se quoi that the album standouts possess.

Cavern of Covenant, the sixth track has an auspicious opening with a quadruple cymbal crash before roaring into life; lending this track a recorded-live feel. The roars almost feel like howls at time; some otherworldly creature beckoning you. Cavern of Covenant fits the standard pattern of this album until the last thirty or so seconds where the song slows and the instruments drop off leaving you lingering with the reverb.

Transition comes to a close with Void Walker. The final of the album’s less-than-four-minuters; Void Walker is both a good close to the album, and would serve as a good introduction to the band. Everything is on full display, and quickly, here; the slower parts in the beginning, to the speedy buildup, and continuing with the pounding and roars you’ve by now come to love. This track also has a headbangable chorus that creates expectation for its next appearance from the first time the notes hit your ear.

Transition is too short; this is the worst thing I can really say about the album. It clocks in at just less than thirty minutes. None of the songs are particularly short either; I just got greedy and wanted more material. Another point is Transition has seven songs that all have roughly the same sound and structure. Other than the stand out tracks I mentioned, when I left the album on shuffle, it took some time to tell them apart. I enjoy what Inisans do however, so it didn’t really bother me much; it was just noticeable when they deviated from the formula because of how well it worked out.

Overall I’d say Transition is a solid debut album from a band with a great sound and a lot of promise. I really hope to hear more from these sick Swedes soon.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Tombstone
2. Beyond The Gates
3. Darkness Profound
4. Demon Wings
5. Jaws
6. Cavern of Covenant
7. Void Walker

Total Playing Time: 29:18

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