Grande Royale – Take It Easy Review

Band: Grande Royale
Album: Take It Easy
Label: The Sign Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Sweden
Release Date: September 13th, 2019

Despite what Marilyn Manson may say, rock is not dead, and no band is proving that harder than Grande Royale is right now, with their new album Take It Easy. Somehow finding a perfect blend of 70’s Detroit Rock with a 90’s production sound, what you’re left with is your new Friday afternoon six-pack soundtrack. Jam pack full of soul-snatching riffs and killer choruses, this is an all-around smash hit entry for the Swedish rock outfit.

Front kick the air so hard your shoes fly off with Bring It Up, the first track hot off the airwaves. When marching band meets a grimey dive bar, this upbeat anthem is a great way to state the album’s intentions, to have some bloody fun. Fans of Metalocalypse will find an almost Toki-esque quality to this Scandanavian banger, a definite sign that the weekend has loudly arrived.

Furiously following is the impossibly catchy Out of Gas that throws you headfirst back into 1985, keeping you on your toes and your feet jumping in the air. The air-guitar inducing riffs will ensure that you won’t get any work done while this number is playing.

Slowing down the tempo comes the duet Hands Up featuring Tove Abrahamsson that harkens back to a refined Meatloaf. Use caution: Driving while listening to this song will give you goosebumps and speeding tickets. A masterful example of their incredibly diverse range, hopefully this won’t be the last duet we see in albums to come.

Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Golden Earring in Sweet Livin’, the fourth track on Take It Easy. Melodic guitars and an infectious chorus will have you humming this song all week long.

Cogitator continues carrying the energy brought by Sweet Livin’, the bass guitars beating in your heart, your foot stomping into the floor to the drums and your fingers sliding through the air to the guitars. A beer clinking and head banging solo perfectly delivers those delicious late afternoon guitar licks, further cementing the urge to see Grande Royale live.

Jump back into Judas Priest vibes with Decelerate, a simple, bass-driven song that feels like a more upbeat and PG-friendly version of You’ve Got Another Thing Comin, serving nicely as a kid-friendly intro to modern rock. A family that rocks together, stays together.

Ms Sunshine is what Stacey’s Mom’s Mom had going on at her age. The lip-biting licks are reminiscent of a refined surfer rock song, Ms Sunshine perfectly encapsulates that Friday kick-off anthem with an “ooh-ooh-ooooooh”.

After you’ve settled down and opened another beer, let the radio saturate the atmosphere with the slowed stoner-rock of Baby You’re A Fool. The soft yet irresistible charm of Grande Royale is strongest on this tune, with a hook more addictive than heroin. Straight out of the soundtrack to such classic movies as The Warriors, grab your leather jacket and hit the subway to Coney Island from Penn Station, because this one deserves to be lit up in neon from Grande Royale’s catalogue.

Take It Easy might be a deceptive title track, given that Going Strong is a more accurate description of this album’s energy. Never wavering, least of all on this track, the Detroit 80’s influence is most eminent during this pearl.

Standing In My Way is one of the glorious singles we got to hear before this monster arrived on our doorstep. The guitars soaring, drums tight, and expertly applied bass lines just about fill the listeners appetite. On and On acts as a mirror image reflection of the album’s opener, Bring It Up, with staccato power chord riffs. An audible tongue-in-cheek vibe drives home this closer, On and On transports you to the very last day of a summer vacation by the lake. Cementing those memories from the campfire to the midnight car-park with a glorious bang, this perfect album closer leaves you both satisfied but greedy for more.

Once again delivering true on the sentiment that the Swedes rock as hard as the best of them, Grande Royale has clawed and fought their rightful place into the hard rock enthusiast’s rotation. Catch them before they get too expensive, because if this is a sign of the times, then times are indeed a changin’.

Rating: 9/10


  1. Bring It Up
  2. Out Of Gas
  3. Hands Up
  4. Sweet Livin’
  5. Cogitator
  6. Decelerate
  7. Ms. Sunshine
  8. Baby You’re A Fool
  9. Going Strong
  10. Standing In My Way

Total Playing Time: 39:13

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