BrucexCampbell- South To No Life

Band: BrucexCampbell
Album: South To No Life
Label: Grand Sounds
Genre: Grindcore, Crust
Country: U.S.
Release Date: May 8, 2020
For Fans Of: Phobia, Nasum, Wormrot

After struggling with labels and distribution for the past year and a half, BrucexCampbell are finally able to release their new grinding assault, South to No life. Grindcore is a genre, with the exception of some standouts like Nails and Full of Hell, that has gotten extremely stale over the past half decade. BrucexCampbell, however, are able to showcase something that a lot of modern grind bands seem to lack, FUN! While listening to South to No Life, it became very apparent that the band is having a blast making their music and that sense of fun is infectious. I found myself listening to this album mostly in the car because something about it is great music to fly down the highway to, at a “safe” speed of course. This album is also great workout or running music, but herein lies the problem. I often found that this album works best in the background for me. Lets get it straight this is not a bad album, on the contrary, it is actually pretty fucking good. My major issue is that nothing about it really stands out. The tracks kind of blend together and it is blast beat after blast beat with some cool riffs and when the album ends, a brisk twenty minutes later, I found that I couldn’t pick out any tracks that stand out because, despite enjoying them all, they simply aren’t memorable.

Where this album will most likely shine is sprinkled throughout a live set. As someone who lives in L.A., BrucexCampbell has been on my radar for a while as they are often an opening act at many shows in my area. These songs have the right mixture of fun and aggression that is sure to grab the attention of the most “metal” motherfucker, folding his arms and holding up the wall in the back. Additionally, if you are a connoisseur of all things grind, which I am not, then this is probably the album for you. The musicianship is on point and the songs rip. This album is sure to make waves with the niche audience in the grind scene, but it won’t be the record to convert someone to the genre. 

South to No Life is not great or terrible enough to be a stand out, making it hard to to really form an opinion on it overall. It’s not breaking any new ground, and while I’m sure that it will get play, especially from those who have been waiting, it will mostly come and go and be lost to time, as is the case with many metal, punk and other extreme albums. It’s a bummer because I really do think that this album is good and I feel for the band due to all the bullshit surrounding this release, but background music, or music for activities, just doesn’t usually have much staying power with a fanbase as unrelenting as that of the metal community.

I really wanted to love this album and on the surface I should have. I am a huge fan of this genre, the songs are well written and the band is loosely Evil Dead themed, which is one of my favorite movies ever. This should have been an easy slam dunk for me but it just wasn’t. Overall, this was a hard one for me because I did enjoy listening to this album, but it doesn’t have much replay value for me. If someone was looking for a new grind album to listen to I would definitely recommend South to No Life, but I don’t know that I will return to this album again after this review.

Rating: 6.5/10


  1. Ashley
  2. Malice
  3. Bite the Curb
  4. Intestinal Guise
  5. Rot
  6. Casual Control
  7. Gut Punchers United
  8. The Bastard
  9. Brother Betrayer
  10. Project Annihilation to All Elitist
  11. Grind to the Grave
  12. Defacing the Faceless
  13. Exiled
  14. Human Detestation
  15. South to No Life

Total Playing Time: 20:49

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