Wrong – Feel Great Review

Band: Wrong
Album: Feel Great
Label: Relapse Records
Genre: Noise Rock/ Alt – Metal
Country: USA
Release Date: 13 April, 2018

Wrong’s second full length album “Feel Great” is an aggressive in your face record that is packed with riffs and an enveloping wall of sound. The tracks on this album average out to be less than 3 minutes a piece, giving you very little room to breathe under the crushing weight. The song “Crawl Instead” is under a minute, and it is easily one of the most intense tracks on Feel Great. The album can get a tedious at times by stretching one or two riffs out into an entire song. However, as a whole there are enough dynamics, and an undeniable groove throughout this record to keep you engaged for the short runtime.

Wrong is described as a noise rock/ alt metal band, but to me they are a hardcore punk influenced stoner metal band. There is a heavy fuzz production over the album, but I feel it adds to the effect rather than taking away from it. The vocals (provided by guitarist Eric Hernandez remind me of Troy Sanders from Mastodon during their remission era, mixed with the calmer side of Greg Puciato from The Dillinger Escape Plan. While this might be hard to picture, one listen to the song “upgrade” and you’ll understand immediately.

Every member of Wrong plays their part to perfection. Each covering a specific corner of this wall of sound, leaving no area uncovered. The dual guitar attack of Ryan Haft and vocalist Eric Hernandez is unrelenting. They both provide a massive sound with their guitars through boisterous riffs and visceral solos. The bass is the spine of this album, and Alex Nuñez’s playing is anything but spineless. The bass rumbles throughout this record and provides you with a consistent groove. Derrick Flanigan’s drumming is what feels greatest to me on Feel Great. The drum beats can go from punk inspired fast grooves to slow and heavy sludge styles and everything in between in just a thirty minute package.

The first single released off the album, “Culminate”, enters the room by kicking down the door. Starting with a pounding in your face riff followed by Eric’s harsh yelling. The track doesn’t relent for the entire duration (which is only two and a half minutes), the only small break you get is a disorienting guitar solo. After the solo you are only greeted by more aggression as the drums seem to pick up in intensity and the wall of sound created by the band becomes an entire house. Before you are completely overwhelmed the track mercifully lets you off the hook by ending.

“Zero Cool” was shaping up to be one of my favorite tracks on the album. The main riff has an odd time signature to it that can be hard to follow until the drums come in and guide the way. This coupled with the continuing progression of the song was something fresh on the album that I was really enjoying. When I saw the track was four minutes long I was even more excited because for Wrong this is an exceptionally long song. Unfortunately the second half of the song is just noise and distortion. You can hear some random percussions and yelling in the background, but it is just noise. This is the first time the “noise rock” moniker fit this band in my opinion. I’m all for ambiance and atmosphere in a song or an album, but I just felt that this distortion sounded dirty and was an unnecessary addition to the song.

“Gape” is the most laid-back song on the album, but it is still a heavy riff-laden track that picks the album back up after the distortion at the end of “Zero Cool”. This song reminds me of “Demon Cleaner” by Kyuss in the best way, the riff is powerful enough to lead through the entire song and the droning vocals are a perfect changeup for this track. This is the song to smoke a bowl to and get yourself to feel great.

There wasn’t a lot to dislike about this album to be honest. The final two minutes of “Zero Cool” were unenjoyable to me, but it was multiplied by the fact that it interrupted one of my favorite songs off the album. The only other problem I could really come up with from this album was that it could be taken as a  bit monotonous, but with the album length only being thirty minutes I can’t truly say that it is; it is short, sweet and gets to the point.

This album was perfectly simple and succinct, and one I will be returning to throughout the year. I loved the drums throughout the entire record. The production really fit the mood of the band and added to the sound. With Feel Great, Wrong have proven themselves to be masters of the bludgeoning groove, and protectors of the almighty riff.

Rating: 8/10

1. Errordome
2. Culminate
3. Pustule
4. Nice Job
5. Feel Great
6. Upgrade
7. Crawl Instead
8. Come Apart Mend
9. Zero Cool
10. Gape
11. Anaerobic

Total Playing Time: 30:23

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