Ungraven – Language of Longing Review

Band: Ungraven
Album: Language of Longing
Label: Black Bow Records
Genre: Doom Metal/Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: March 1st, 2019

This has been a slow year for music so far, or at least I’ve been looking in the wrong places. However, I have high hopes for the music that is coming out this year. I had a lot of hope for this little EP too, mainly because I think the album cover is excellent. The grim 8-bit style really caught my eye. Even before I decided to review it, I’d seen the cover on Bandcamp and was intrigued by it. However, after listening to this EP several times, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just, meh.  

There’s nothing particularly bad about it, it’s just really uninteresting. Structurally, it’s somewhat eye-catching. It features four shorter tracks and ends with a twelve-minute monster. The intro song is okay. I enjoy the really fuzzed out, sludgy riffs, but the song doesn’t develop musically at all. The vocals have a post-hardcore vibe, which all the tracks maintain, but the lyrics and performance aren’t really anything to write home about. Impale Lore is next, and it’s got a little more life to it. Again, I enjoy how fuzzed out and noisy the guitars are, but it just doesn’t go anywhere. This track does have a marginal amount of development to it, but I don’t find it all that enjoyable. There are moments when it starts to toy with the idea of actually being a Black Metal song, but it never follows through. The third song on here, Aggro Master, commits more to a blackened sound. The drums are heavier, and we finally get to hear some blast beats, which are quite nice honestly. I do find the song a bit patience testing because of the repetitiveness of the vocals, but it’s alright overall. After this, we come to the last short song on the album and it’s the blandest of them all. I really struggled with this one, it has nothing new to offer and feels like a filler song that should have been left off the project all together.

My favorite track is thankfully the last song. The first eight seconds of this song are absolutely disgusting, and I love it. Overall, it on for almost twelve minutes and it pounds on one riff for the entire time. I think the distortion actually works here and it makes the track feel heavy and inescapable. I do think it could have been cut by a few minutes, as it starts to get tiresome around the eight-minute mark. I also wish this song did more with the intensity it creates right at the very beginning. I personally feel the track could have been vastly improved if it hadn’t been purely a doom song. If there were more variety in the structure and music of the track, I would have more of a reason to come back to it.        

So, I don’t like this EP, but I don’t dislike it either. It is equal parts inoffensive and unimpressive. I think a few tweaks could have made this a solid project. I would have enjoyed some dynamism in the instrumentals and vocals that stood out more. Still, if you like doom metal with the slimmest black metal influence I guess check this thing out.

Rating: 4.5/10

1. Blackened Gates Of Eternity
2. Impale Lore
3. Aggro Master
4. Onward She Rides To A Certain Death
5. Targetted

Total Playing Time: 28:47

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