Triumvir Foul – Urine of Abomination EP Review

Band: Triumvir Foul
Album: Urine of Abomination
Label: Vrasubatlat 
Genre: Death Metal, Black Metal
Country: USA
Release Date: March 29th, 2019

We’re one quarter of the way through 2019 already, and it’s looking like one of metal’s New Year’s Resolutions was to add more piss into the mix. Between Pissgrave and the new EP here by Triumvir Foul, I think we have enough urine to prevent any upcoming forest fires this Summer.

Much like their urine soaked brethren in Pissgrave, Triumvir Foul went the violent and shocking route with their album cover (albeit, TF used artwork not a God damn photograph…) Urine of Abomination features an enormous starving demon dismembering what appears to be a human at first glance. After looking at the promo material and seeing “admonish the godhead and drown it in piss.” I quickly realized that this was some form of God being pulled apart. Oh, silly me how could I forget? The demon is also in the middle of producing a strong stream of urine while already being up to its ankles in piss. It’s a lot to take in.

Maybe I haven’t made it obvious but this is disgustingly dirty death metal that explores the fringes of blasphemous black metal. This four song EP comes twenty months after their last LP Spiritual Bloodshed and is even more acrid and dense than their previous efforts, even their demo. When looking at the song titles (Urine of Abomination I-IV) you would assume that it’s one piece of music broken up into four parts. However, each song has its own distinct sound and identity that I really appreciated on successive listens.

At four songs ranging over seventeen minutes time, Triumvir Foul is able to condense an inordinate amount of noise and influence into Urine of Abomination. On Urine of Abomination I we are “welcomed” by a harsh relentless noise that lasts for 46 seconds and will appear at the beginning of all four tracks. Luckily that noise is reduced in every following song, barely even appearing before Urine of Abomination IV kicks into gear.

When the jarring intro ends, the album truly begins. There is a very thick production that attempts to bury the album itself. If you’re listening in the background or at low volume, you are bound to miss a lot of what this album has to offer. There are a ton of influences that come through on dedicated listens. There are the fast caustic riffs backed by a barrage of drumming that is to be expected in this kind of dense brutal death metal. Triumvir Foul isn’t scared to slow it down to more of a mid paced riff before exploding into a violent war metal sound. This is by no means a “tech-death” album, but it absolutely is a technical performance put out by this death metal outfit. During some of the most chaotic and dizzying sections of the record they bust out a guitar solo that is able to guide you through to the next understandable section.

The final piece of the album (Urine of Abomination IV) is my favorite song on the EP without question. It doesn’t waste any time on that harsh noise intro that has plagued every other song on the EP. The noise is still there, but it is being buried by the fast paced death metal riff over top of it. Then the beastly blackened vocals begin to pull apart your brain just like the creature depicted on the cover of the record. As if this wasn’t enough, one of three (yes, three) guitar solos enters in with the riff to piss all over whatever remnants of your mind are left. This all happens in under a minute, with three minutes of brutality still remaining. That’s all I’m willing to spoil from this absolute ripper of a track.

I did have a decent amount of quarrels with this album. The harsh noise might actually be representative of the drowning the godhead in piss? But even if it is I find it to take up too much of the record’s already short run-time. I also wish the production was a little bit clearer. You absolutely have to devote 100% of your attention to this EP if you want to hear what’s going on and have it not sound like a car crash recording. The short run-time of the album definitely helps with the necessary undivided attention Triumvir Foul needs on this record.

Dense disgusting death metal has always been a strange genre for me. Some days it clicks and other days I find it to be a chore. While Urine of Abomination was never a chore, it definitely was mentally taxing. And other than the final track I didn’t find much of the album to be memorable even though I enjoyed it while I was listening. If you still haven’t bathed since the Pissgrave release and want to get even filthier, pick this up. I for one don’t see myself returning to this EP much, but I will keep my eyes on Triumvir Foul going forward because I do see potential. 

Rating: 6/10

1. Urine of Abomination I
2. Urine of Abomination II
3. Urine of Abomination III
4. Urine of Abomination IV

Total Playing Time: 16:51

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