Trials – This Ruined World Review

Band: Trials
Album: This Ruined World
Label: N/A
Genre: Progressive Metal, Thrash, Death Metal
Country: USA
Release Date: July 24, 2015



When I first heard about this release I was not familiar with any of Trials’ previous work, so I went in curious but not expecting a whole lot. The cynical side of me has been known to dismiss bands based on the simplest criteria. In this case I wasn’t a big on the name or the album cover (with a name like “This Ruined World” they could have done better). Luckily I didn’t dismiss them completely because this is a really good album start to finish. It’s very attention grabbing and has just about everything I like in a good metal album: fast tremolo picking, good guitar tone, cool riffs, intricate drumming, passionate vocal delivery, and dynamic songs. The band comes out of the gate strong with the song “Truth Defiled” which is hard hitting, fast, and very passionate. It embodies a lot of what I love about this band. Mix the fast intensity of Slayer, the complexity of Metallica and Vulgar Display of Power Era Phillip Anselmo vocals and you have Trials. If that doesn’t arouse your interest I don’t know what will. The second song on the album is “Don’t Believe the Word” which is a fiercely entertaining track showcasing some vocal diversity, good guitar tone, relentless drumming, and some audible bass parts.
For the most part you really have to dig deep to even hear a bass player on this record. I understand that a lot of metal bands like to keep the guitar and bass in unison to make the track sound extra heavy but it would have been nice to have had some bass fills or have the bass higher in the mix. The vocals, guitar and drums are just so strong on this record I feel like if the bass was a little more up front it would have taken the music to a new level of greatness. The fact that I’m a bass player may make me more sensitive to this than most but I just felt the need to talk about it.
“Disgraced and Erased” is another awesome song on this album. It starts off with an distant echoey guitar intro and then hits with a muted guitar part that sounds like a butcher’s knife rubbing furiously on some poor object. This song is very heavy and very gritty. The vocals are also a stand out as Mark Sugar desperately screams “Don’t let me die like this!!” over a awesome tapping guitar part. “Beat the System to Death” clocks in as the shortest song on the album with a running time of 3:46 but it’s in no way lacking intensity or passion. It’s a great rock out song with the dueling guitars and a wicked tapped solo that is sure to raise eyebrows. “Inheritance” has a short nylon string acoustic intro behind a thumping bass line which turns into a awesome jam song. The last song on this album which the album is named after is another favorite of mine. It has a soft, reflective guitar part at the beginning portion of the song that abruptly turns to chaos. Almost like jumping off a diving board into a pool of fire that continues to burn the listener until the very end with no sympathy or remorse. Sugar screams “No salvation in this ruined world!” for the final seconds as the album comes to a fiery end.
Overall I have little to complain about. Better cover, more bass and more use of the soft/loud dynamics and this album would have really hit it out of the park. But great songs, good sequencing of the songs, and band is great. Highly recommend giving these guys a listen.

Rating: 9/10


1. Truth Defiled
2. Don’t Believe The Word
3. Digging My Own Grave
4. Disgraced and Erased
5. Blink Of An Eye
6. Beat The System To Death
7. They Hide Behind The Law
8. Inheritance
9.This Ruined World

Total Playing Time: 46:20

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