Thulsa Doom – Realms of Hatred Review

Band: Thulsa Doom
Album: Realms of Hatred
Label: Invictus Productions
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Italy
Release Date: December 7th, 2018

Maybe it’s just because of the Holidays, or maybe it’s me constantly dealing with Retail Hell and the never-ending chimes of Christmas music, but this album hit me hard and hit me in my good spot. I could chalk it all up to the false happiness of the season and my reaction to it, or maybe this record is just really, really good.

Thulsa Doom come storming out of Italy with a little EP that shouldn’t work but totally does. This is a galloping, whomping debut, featuring raw Death Metal, with no triggers, no fakery, no bullshit. Even the slight instrumentals work here, adding texture and nuance to an already brutal experience. These guys are a throwback to the early, early days of Death. It doesn’t sound pretty but it will break your heart all the same.

“The Final Scourge” rumbles right out the gates, ruffing and rolling, thundering across the plains like a herd of angry horses. And then the speed picks up and the assault begins. The growling, guttural vocals weave into the notes, creating a cohesive, devastating whole. Thulsa Doom says hello with a fist right to your face.

“Gates of Niniveh (Woe to You…City of Blood)” is next and it thrashes and bashes, a wild barbarian swinging a deadly club, weaving drunkenly straight into battle. The groove in this thing is just crushing and cruising all at once. This is Death Metal at its grinding, violent best. There’s plenty of melody here, enough to give the song room to breathe and stretch out, but it never loses sight of its ferocious core.

“Realms of Hatred” is a slight intro and is more cinematic in feel than an actual piece unto itself. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good because in fact, it’s pretty great. It sets the tone for what is to come in follower “Demon Conjuror,” which is, to my mind, the most Death of the Death Metal songs on this short record. Blazing guitar, searing chords, rapid-fire drums, this one is a headbanger. Again, Thulsa Doom finds a nice, smooth groove to hang their hats on, all the while building the intensity by layering brutal upon brutal. This was my favorite track on the album.

Everything closes with another short instrumental that leads into epic theme song track “Thulsa Doom.” This one blasts forward, never giving an inch, riffing, rolling, destroying. These guys are really, really good at finding that pocket and riding it into Hell. There’s galloping and then there’s charging ahead, full speed, and both tempos work together perfectly to create a chaotic and yet fluid sound. Thulsa Doom sound like seasoned professionals but at the same time managing to be pure, raw, energy.

Everything about this drips with Death Metal purity. There’s no bullshit here, no flashy playing or showing off. The band does not get lost in twisting passages from which there is no return. No. They show up, hammer in hand, and proceed to beat the crap out of you for all of twenty minutes. If you like your Death served up raw as sushi plucked from the ocean and dumped on your plate, you’ve found a new band to love. Go get some.

Rating: 8/10

1. The Final Scourge
2. The Gates of Ninivah (Woe to you…City of blood)
3. Realms of Hatred
4. Demon Conjuror
5. Intro (Misfortune Glance)
6. Thulsa Doom

Total Playing Time: 21:52

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