The Moth – And Then Rise Review

Band: The Moth
Album: And Then Rise
Label: The Charming Man Records
Genre: Sludge/Stoner Metal
Country: Hamburg, Germany
Release Date: April 3rd, 2015


The Moth, not to be confused with the band Moth (which is a rock band out of the states). Is a German sludge metal band……Yes you read it right. They are a sludge band from Germany. And an interesting take on the usually hallowed US musical genre (think greats like Crowbar and Eyehategod). So why would someone from Germany decide to start a sludge band? Well they’ve got the doom and gloom and that whole Black Forest thing. But do they have blueish Southern States feel and boogie, that has stamped its moonshine waddled footprint all over this genre? OR are they attempting more of a atmospheric sludge endeavour like The Ocean or Baroness? Sadly no, what seemed like a good idea on paper and in someone’s head, just does not  transfer so well to music. But later on a bit more than that.

The Moth is a 3 piece band, that consists of Cecile (on bass and vocals), Philipp ( drums) and Freden (on guitar and vocals). The formed The Moth (and remember the “The”, else its a totally different band) late in 2012 in Hamburg Germany. This is there second album, with the first one titled “They Fall”. And well that’s about all that I could dig up on them.

Back to the album, and I must say, I am sorry, but I did not enjoy the album. Not at all. One would think after two failed attempts at word domination, there would be enough passive aggressive anger bottled up, that it could explode over us all, and give us an opus of sludge. Remembered by the ages. But unfortunately not. Most of the songs, are just droning, where one song ends, the other just flows in. And sometimes you wont even notice that the song has changed, because the next one sounds the same. Every now and again there is a spiralling run on the drums to break the monotony, but most of the times the drums just drag behind the riffs.

When I saw the bio of the band and I saw that there were two vocalists (Cecile and Freden). I was rubbing my hands, excited, wondering if its going to be an Lacuna Coil experiment in stoner sound, or another awesome sounding Acid King tribute. But again, utter disappointment. Mostly its just the two voices, singing in harmony, carrying you off the sleep. There is so much potential there, but its just not used. And I think that is the part the really turned me off this band. By the time you get to the last song “Fire – Pressure of Time” (which is an unmerciful 20 minutes long, but thank the stoner heavens most of it is silent), you will be screaming :”Dear God when will it end!!”

I might sound harsh. But the potential is there to be unique, to be awesome. But currently they are just being forgettable. I am struggling to find just one redeeming song, that at least will peak my interest. And listening a number of times, I’d have to say, if there is one song that might give a glimmer of hope, its “To Rise (In Vino Veritas)”. But you will need some imagination to find the good in it.

So unfortunately, I have to say, this is one of my least favourite albums in a very, very long time. They have the potential, they are just delivering on it. Lets hope they get better, because the world needs more Sludge metal

Rating: 4/10

Track List:

1. Awaiting
2. Travel Light
3. Fade Away
4. Battle Is Over
5. To Rise (In Vino Veritas)
6. Last Times
7. Slowly To Die
8. Seek And Burn
9. Fire – Pressure Of Time

Total Playing Time:  55:13



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