Sinheresy – Out of Connection Review

Band: Sinheresy
Album: Out of Connection
Label: Scarlet Records
Genre: Melodic Metal
Country: Italy
Release Date: July 26th, 2019

Over my time writing reviews, I have become aware of just how many record companies are out there and, as anyone else would, I developed favorites. Scarlet Records are debatably my favorite people to review albums from and Sinheresy is no exception. Hailing from Italy, the band began as a Nightwish cover band and it’s noticeable out of the gates. The band carries the “Modern melodic metal” sound that I’m certain that we are all familiar with, and I will not lie, I dreaded hearing another generic melodic metal album that lacked innovation or anything to separate this band from the flood that has been coming nonstop since who knows when. This album was something I enjoyed though, the formula is adapted and changed to a form that while still instantly recognizable, draws attention and is worth at the very least, one playthrough if you’re a fan of the genre. Occasionally the band has very interesting moments that I can honestly say I have rarely experienced in music before, one such example is the extreme unease I feel when listening to the intro riff and chorus of Immortals. I believe this is an intentional effect since the album as a whole share a theme of our true selves versus our online personas within the world in the age of social media.

Sinheresy, on the surface, does not seem like an interesting band that would draw the eye. I expected something that was either Delain 2 or Amaranthe 2 and that has become a problem across the genre as a whole. There is a mound of melodic bands who wish to be the next massive hit that breaks out without having to innovate or change their sound. Cutting through the swath of Walmart bin metal is always a challenge and sometimes I come away disappointed. Out of connection reached above my expectations, I must say though that my expectations going in were low. For every good track that I would like to hear again, there is one that goes in one ear and out the other without a second thought. 

There is very little experimentation within Out of Connection, there are two song types, the softer songs which blend moments of the vocalists softly singing over a stripped-down backing track with faster hooks and energetic choruses that build into a fairly tame finale are structurally bland and quickly tiring despite their small number and the faster songs which are identical to one another with the disappointing trade-off of being far more forgettable. Out of connection sits in a very interesting area where I cannot remember song names an hour after hearing them, but three days later I can still hear the intro to what makes us human and the chorus of the title track in my head. One thing I must commend though is the quality of the mixing, the band never shifts into an overbearing boring slough of synthy beats and bland guitar tones, something far too common within this genre. However the good mixing does give way to a new problem, neither vocalist articulates well, a problem I rarely have, however when I can only make out a few words clearly across the whole album and all of the vocals are clean, I do find that to be a problem. 

I see the effort put into this album by the band, and while I know I sound negative and am making this album seem extremely off-putting, there were parts I enjoyed. In the words of every father around the world, “I’m not angry, just disappointed”. Out of Connection is the third studio album by Sinheresy and that is disappointing. I would expect this sound from a band’s first or second excursion but by the third time around, I expect more experimentation and confidence when it comes to straying from the path. At this point in their careers, Nightwish was releasing Wishmaster, Amaranthe made Massive Addictive, and Delain dropped We are the Others. All four groups share attributes stylistically despite bringing their own interesting twists to the genre but if Sinheresy doesn’t figure out what will make them stand out from the crowd more, then I fear they’ll be doomed to mediocrity.

Is Out of Connection a bad album? No, it features competent musicians who show promise on the albums best tracks. The Circle is the closing track and best track on the album, it doesn’t have a gimmicky hook, it features a solid guitar solo that I enjoyed and it was what I would like to see more of from Sinheresy. Out of Connection is good to listen to when you want background noise, it’s good for playing with your friends who don’t like metal, it’s good for setting a baseline example of melodic metal; It is not good for a deep dive into the theme it is meant to represent. As I see it, Sinheresy has two options, grow into a more powerful and striking form, or wither in obscurity. I sincerely hope that they choose to do the former because I think there might be a place in the headlines for them one day.

Rating: 6/10

1. What Makes Us Human
2. Out of Connection
3. Zero One
4.Facts, Words, Sand, Stone
5. Immortals
6. Absolution
7. Break The Surface
8. Shallow
9. Blood Like Water
10. The Circle

Total Playing Time: 41:34

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