Rise To Fall – End Vs Beginning Review

Band: Rise To Fall
Album: End Vs  Beginning
Label: Coroner Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/ Alternative/ New Metal
Country: Spain
Release Date: June 9th, 2015


The band Rise To Fall is a melodic death metal or alternative metal band formed in 2006 in Sopelana, Spain. The band is made up of five members: Dalay Tarda (vocals), Hugo Markaida (lead guitar), Javier Martin (rhythm guitar), Asis Rodriguez (bass), and Xabier Del Val (drums). Although the bad was formed in 2006, they did not put out their first full length album until 2010, which was Restore the Balance.

This is Rise To Fall’s third full length album (Defying The Gods was released in 2012). All three have been released by Coroner Records, who have also signed some other well know metal bands such as: Disarmonia Mundi, Bleed The Man, Damnation Plan, and Breech the Void. Some of Rise To Fall’s major musical influences come from Soilwork, In Flames, and At The Gates.

With this being their third album release and more then 120 concerts and festivals behind them including Costa de Fuego, and Resurrection Fest, Rise To Fall has gathered quite a following in the over sea’s metal community.

The album starts with the title track End vs The Beginning. This song starts of very fast, but it does have a techno sound in the background opposed to the more keyboard melodic sound most metal fans are use to. The screaming vocals only let up during the melodic middle where there is a nice guitar solo before it kicks it back into high gear and finishes strong. The Threshhold, the second track also starts out very fast with excellent drumming, screaming vocals, and some decent guitar riffs blended in again with a techno sound. Again, the middle slows down with clean vocals that say harmony not bang your head. Skipping ahead to track seven one of my more favored tracks, Thunders of Emotions Beating, this song starts off extremely fast with everything I look for in a song. Thundering drums, screaming vocals, and not an overly harmonies chorus, with some excellent guitar riffs and solo’s. The other track to look for on this album is the last track Sustention, which actually sounds pretty slow for the first few seconds of listening but, pretty quickly kicks it up to gear with it being a more drum dominate track, however the guitar riffs in this song are pretty impressive. The vocals do again get a little cleaner during the chorus but not to the point it brings my metal meter down. It does slow down in the middle, and there is some speaking not screaming, but the song itself ends very strong.

The vocals on this album continue to switch from screaming to more clean and melodic is just one of the things this band has been known for and you should expect to hear. And, in certain songs they do have more of a metal meets techno feeling, which depending on this listener could be good or bad. I think the band has the ability to step up more into the thrash genre however, when each song on the album has a slowed down harmonies musical middle, it takes me out of the thrash frame of mind, and slows me down to a more melody then mosh feel. And after listening to the whole album being each song does has the same fast slow pattern I did get a little bored. I think this band has been improving with each album released so they do leave me saying what’s next.

Rating: 7/10

1. End vs The Beginning
2. The Threshhold
3. Plastic Scene
4. Burning Signs
5. Parasites
6. Rise Without Drama
7. Thunders of Emotions Beating
8. Murk Empire
9. Against All Odds
10. Dark Clowns Leading Blinds
11. Emptiness
12. Welcome to..
13. ..The Refuge
14. Unspeakable Sins
15. Sustention

Total Playing Time: 58:44

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