Persecutory – Towards the Ultimate Extinction Review

Band: Persecutory
Album: Towards the Ultimate Extinction
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Country: Turkey
Release Date: 30th June, 2017

The mists of blackened death part and out emerges a band from Istanbul, Turkey, named Persecutor, striding out with confidence and brash power. They are a three-piece bent on destruction and chaos, playing “morbid and malignant black thrash metal by keeping the perversion, death, chaos and Satanism without compromise,” as their Facebook page says. I always love seeing metal bands emerge from the Middle East and accompanying areas because they fascinate me, especially ones that espouse a Satanic or blackened point of view in their lyrics. Coming from religiously fundamentalist regions, how are they able to practice their dark arts without persecution? To me, making such a bold stand for a music genre like metal in a place where it is most certainly unwelcome, not to mention perhaps dangerous, is not only courageous, but heroic. However, we’re here to discuss the music, so does the debut by blackened death thrash unit Persecutory deliver the goods?

In a word: yes.

There is a frenzy to each and every song, punctuated by buzzsaw guitars, brutal drumming, guttural bass, and vocals that switch on a dime from growls, to shrieks, to grunts and finally a soul-screeching scream that sounds vomited from the fires of Hell itself. Every track pummels, every track is in your face, but there are also dynamics and curves, rises and falls, and not one song is ever boring or trite. No, there’s nothing really original about this, but there doesn’t really have to be.

This band sets its goals out for all the world to see with the first track, “Pillars of Dismay,” which comes right out of the gates blasting, guitars doing that Black Metal thing, drums pounding, singer Tyrannic Profanator (also in Sarinvomit and Horrocious) shrieking a trumpet call for Hell’s Legions. And from there it gallops forward, an unstoppable machine of total destruction.

And so it carries through the whole album, pummeling song after pummeling song. Other highlights include:

“Hegemony of the Ruinous Impurity,” is a high-velocity, fist-in-your-face assault. This one does not let up one bit during its three minute or so run. Just a steamroller of blackened death thrash.

“Along the Infernal Hallways,” has that epic Black Metal feel without actually being too long (it clocks in around five and a half minutes). The beginning is big, BIG, and the song struts forward from there, beating and blasting, kicking and screaming. The three minute mark brings a come-down, a slowing, the song descending into an atmospheric crawl, with a fantastic guitar solo over the top of this crusty depression. You don’t hear expressive guitar solos much in extreme metal, but you get a nice one here.

My favorite track is the title track, “Towards the Ultimate Extinction,” and it is a true epic at 11:41 long. Like most songs on here it starts fast and heavy, ripping and tough. Not too fast, not too slow. Steady and heavy. About two minutes in the song clicks into another gear, going faster, faster. Showing off their grasp of dynamics and song-writing prowess, the three minute mark brings a drop-down, with almost chanting vocal shouts, and then a steady riff comes along, making that head bob, finding that precious groove that all good metal finds. You can feel the Ihsahn influence on the vocals here. And this carries on for about three more minutes but is never boring, before the song explodes into speed once again. Two minutes later we get another slower part graced with Abbath-style vocals, and man, this mixing of vocal styles really works. Tyrannic delivers on all counts here. Then we get one of those unearthly screams and we’re back to thrashing it out, Black Metal style.

This album is a careening attack, an assault of Blackened Thrash and Death that is unrelenting and unforgiving. It comes out of the gate firing and does not stop except to offer some tasty guitar solos and evil atmospherics. This is a professional sounding debut by a new band on the scene; it’s tight and they sound like they’ve been playing together for a long while already. The only negative is that there’s nothing original here, nothing that makes them stand out in a field full of similar bands. However, as an example of solid, engrossing music, this one is a winner.

Rating: 7/10

1. Pillars of Dismay
2. Towards the Ultimate Extinction
3. Til Relentless Salvation Comes
4. Along the Infernal Hallways
5. Awakening the Depraved Era
6. Hegemony of the Ruinous Impurity
7. Maelstroms of Antireligious Chaos

Total Playing Time: 41:54

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