Moonspell – Extinct Review

    Band: Moonspell Album: Extinct Label: Napalm Records Genre: Melodic Death/Gothic/Symphonic Metal Country: Portugal Release Date: March 6 2015   What can be said about Moonspell, except: ” Super, impressionante e surpreendente!” (my google portuguese to sound cool). They are one of the best gothic/black metal bands to have emerged from europe, and to add

Interview with Stage of Reality

So, I got to interview this band, called “Stage of Reality”. Here’s what we were talking about:   Hello, who am I “talking” with? And who are the other members of “Stage of Reality”? Hi, I’m Andrea Neri, guitar player and composer of the band. The other members are: Francesco Marino –

Reviewers Wanted

The Metal Utopia team is looking for new members. We’re looking for metalheads who like to discover new music and share their thoughts on the music they’re listening to with other people. The requirements are a big interest in metal music, a very good English competence and the will to

Northland – Downfall and Rebirth Review

Band: Northland Album: Downfall and Rebirth Label: Self-released Genre: Folk Metal Country: Spain Release Date: January 1, 2015 “REEEEEEEEEEEVENGEEEEEEE!”  That was how the world was introduced to the Folk Metal Sextet Northland when the released their self titled debut album that swirled up imaginations of ancient battles with swords and

Marduk – Frontschwein Review

Band: Marduk Album: Frontschwein Label: Century Media Genre: Black Metal Country: Sweden Release Date: January 19, 2015 Hailing from Norrköping, Sweden, this black metal band was originally formed in 1990 and has undergone numerous lineup changes with the exception of the guitarist, Morgan. During their early years, their work was