Ossuary Anex – Holy Blasphemition EP Review

Band: Ossuary Anex
Album: Holy Blasphemition EP
Label: Xtreem Music
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Russia
Release Date: September 26th, 2018

Ossuary Anex’s new offering, the Holy Blasphemition EP released by Xtreem Music, is a short follow up to its 2016 album Mutilation Through Prayer. The band, hailing from Russia, is a seriously brutal death metal group that has been at it since 2008, originally going by the name Daemonic. The band’s debut full-length record in 2013, Awakening, was an energetic and fast-paced record that definitely set a strong foundation for their future releases. The production was great and the band clearly had a grasp on what they wanted to give us – a brutal record with crazy heavy breakdowns and squealing riffs that ring in the listeners’ heads. Ossuary Anex’s sophomore release, Mutilation Through Prayer, was of that same ilk, a blistering and chaotic record that was interesting from the weirdly haunting piano intro to the final fade out. Familiar with their previous releases, I was hoping to plug into yet another brutal release from this aggressively heavy Russian outfit, but with only three new tracks, a re-recording of a track from the previous record, and an instrumental version of the first track on the EP, I couldn’t be satisfied with just three new pieces of material. It did deliver though, a strong delivery, on that new material.

There are quite a few things I really like about this five-track EP. Ossuary Anex, on Holy Blasphemition, definitely sticks to its repertoire of Kirill’s guttural vocals rampaging over blast beats, ripping guitars, and distinctly nasty bass riffs. The bass riffs on this thing are absolutely crazy and add punchy backbone to the whole EP. Often, bass can get lost in the background, especially with something having all of the layers that these tracks have. All of these things are what I loved about their previous releases, and I also enjoy them, maybe even revel in them, on this release. The EP opens up strong with a killer bass intro and goes right into a heavy opening track that is solid, beefy, and filled with hammering intensity. “Divine Chastisement” is a five-minute ride with insane transitions that is easily my favorite track that this group has put out. The long, drawn out, and slow march of the beginning sets a menacing tone that results in a freakishly heavy cut. The whirling guitar solo in “Blasphemous Apparition”, the third track, is dizzying and perfectly placed in the mix after a long build-up of pounding riffage.

If it were up to me, these guys would have laid down a few more new tracks. I would have appreciated the longer runtime, but I think that the ending of the three new songs on the EP is so abrupt and left me wanting so much more of what Ossuary Anex is doing here that I could have just done without the final two tracks altogether. The fourth track is a re-recording of the first track off of Mutilation Through Prayer, “Werewolves In Cossacks” – a good song, but the original version was already perfectly great. That final track, the “Revelation of the Inquisition” instrumental, is a three and a half minute track without the cool bass intro of the fully-realized version of the same song, but it does showcase the insane writing and technical skills these guys bring to the table. However, being a b-side style cut, hearing it fade in after the preceding track feels awkward.

In truth, Ossuary Anex deliver a solid EP that showcases talented musicians and great songwriters playing great brutal death metal, but by the nature of this particular release, it felt a little clunky with just the three new tracks and two slightly unnecessary cuts that, if it’s your thing, you could certainly nerd out on. With all of that being said, the three new tracks on this EP are a welcome and exciting addition to the Ossuary Anex discography, and I’m still anticipating the next release from these guys because their full-length records have been slamming. I want more of the new stuff.

Rating: 8/10

1. Revelation of the Inquisition
2. Divine Chastisement
3. Blasphemous Apparition
4. Werewolves in Cossacks (re-recorded)
5. Revelation of the Inquisition (instrumental)

Total Playing Time: 20:52

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