No/Más – Raíz Del Mal Review

Band: No/Más
Album: Raíz Del Mal
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Genre:  Grindcore
Country: United States
Release Date: November 2nd, 2018

I may not be a fan of pain, but I love it when a metal record can make me feel like the victim of an attempted murder. I think this is also the reason why I love a good Grindcore album. The ferocity and contempt that most Grind presents itself with is so masochistically intoxicating that I find it difficult to turn a record off even if I’ve already listened to the whole thing. Luckily, this new No/Más album is a gnarly beatdown.

This album is a tight ten songs, and clocks in at around eleven minutes. When it comes to a Grindcore record, I think the overall album cohesion is more important than the quality of the individual songs. This is something Raíz Del Mal does quite well. Overall, this album offers a pretty seamless listening experience. The tone and musical motifs are carried throughout its entire length and never grow stale. Additionally, this record feels completely nihilistic. Despite none of the lyrics really being comprehensible, the vocals just exude hate and disgust. This is also one of the more experimental metal albums I’ve heard this year. Despite a lot of this record being fairly set in Grindcore roots, there are elements of Death Metal, Black Metal, Metalcore, and even Sludge Metal on this thing. Even more so they blend flawlessly, without a single experiment on the album feeling out of place. There are a few transitional moments that break-up the singular feeling of the album, but it’s nothing that takes away from the overall engagement of it. The vocals jump between guttural growls, piercing screams, and some Hardcore inspired shouts. No/Más also manages to make each song on this album unique, which is the single most important thing a Grindcore album needs to do in my opinion. I wasn’t struggling to take notes on this thing because each song felt different enough to be able to describe thoroughly. No/Más present a pretty damn incredible overall album experience here.

Now, I would be a fool not to break down these songs for you. The album gives a nice little nine second warm-up before going full throttle on Case Study. Victim Of Circumstance introduces the vocal blending, and features some hellfire tremolo picked guitars before an excellent breakdown. Vanity features some of the wildest vocals on the entire record and is overall just completely nuts. The next song Bloodwork flawlessly jumps between some hellish Black Metal passages and mosh-friendly Death Metal. It also doesn’t shy away from using both vocal styles for both passages. The track isn’t even 90 seconds long, but it’s really damn impressive. Fuck You rips and is addictingly full of contempt. It’s not at all subtle with its message, but it’s no less excellent for it. It’s also the least intense song on the album and is a nice breather without losing any viscera. The title track is the campiest song on the album, with its wolf howls towards the end. However, it’s a balls to the wall Black Metal song with some of the rawest aggression on the entire thing. La Muerte No Tiene Edad is probably the least interesting song on the album, but its still a wild track that flawlessly blends Thrash and Black Metal elements. It doesn’t take away from the album at all. Vulnerable starts with an awful vocal sample, but it really is just too insane to fault. Truthfully, the song is so unbelievably violent that it actually frightens me. The vocals, instrumentals, performances are all completely incredible. Dwell is a noise piece, not much to say. However, the closer VI is almost as violent as Vulnerable and it also scares me. So yeah, the tracks hold nothing back, and are completely crushing.

This is probably the best Grindcore record I’ve heard in a few years. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who wants to feel like their music is literally trying to assault them. I know I’ll be returning to this one, it’s an undeniable riot, and I absolutely love it.

Rating: 9/10

1. Case Study
2. Victim Of Circumstance
3. Vanity
4. Bloodwork
5. Fuck You
6. Raíz Del Mal
7. La Muerte No Tiene Edad
8. Vulnerable
9. Dwell
10. VI

Total Playing Time: 10:38

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