Nightrage – The Puritan Review

Band: Nightrage
Album: The Puritan
Label: Despotz
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Greece/Sweden
Release Date: April 24, 2015


The Swedish/Greek collaboration of Nightrage is one of the most respected Melodic Death Metal bands around.  It’s a supergroup of sorts, originally founded by Marios Iliopoulos and his close friend and guitar mastermind Gus G. (Firewind, Dream Evil, Mystic Prophecy, Ozzy Osbourne Band).  Through the 15 years since this group’s inception, they have seen the likes of musicians from notable bands such as At the Gates, Septic Flesh, Dissection, Evergrey and The Haunted and every one of their previous releases were enjoyable.  How will “The Puritan” be?  Will they continue their streak of consistent and enjoyable albums?  I can tell you now that the streak is still alive.

Thankfully, Nightrage doesn’t tread into the now trendy Metalcore waters, but sticks to what they’ve been doing with a little bit of some diversity.  Right from the opening track, “The Puritan”, you can tell that Ilipoulous isn’t fooling around as the song opens with a ear piercing sream, blazing heavy riffs and no compromises at all.  This album grabs your attention right away.  The album continues to roar on with the next song”With a Blade of a Knife” which is what I like to call a mosh pit song.  It’s Melodeath goodness that fires you up.

“Desperate Vows” is a song that has a mix of semi-clean and growling vocals.  “Endless Night” is another strong song that is strong and continues the streak of straight forward Melodic Death Metal.  The album gives you a breather from all the headbanging with the slow acoustic instrumental “Lone Lake” but starts right back up with “Son of Sorrow”, which is another song that starts with an ear piercing scream and grabs your attention right away and has a shredding solo midway into the song and the album continues to roll on with a streak of consistent songs right up to the last song “Kiss of a Sycophant”, which is one of my personal favorite songs of the album.  Once again, it’s catchy, straight forward Melodic Death Metal.

In the genre of Metal, many bands aren’t playing the same thing as they did years ago but there are bands that stay true to their origins and Nightrage is one of those bands.  “The Puritan” is just one solid album, with every song being consistent and enjoyable.  It’s definitely one of the best Melodeath albums so far this year and I would go as far to say that this album is one of the best of 2015 so far and will be an album  that I will be listening to again and again.  Marios Illipoulos and company have done it again with a fantastic, heavy album.

Rating: 9/10

1.   The Puritian
2.   With a Blade of a Knife
3.   Desperate Vows
4.   Endless Night
5.   Foul Vile Life
6.   Stare Into Infinity
7.   Lone Lake (Instrumental)
8.   Son of Sorrow
9.   When Gold Turns to Rust
10. Fathomless
11. Kiss of a Scyophant

Total Playing Time: 37:53


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