My Regime – Peek Through The Pines Review

Band: My Regime
Album: Peek Through The Pines
Label:  Scarlet Records
Genre: Thrash Metal / Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Release Date: November 23rd, 2018

This is a bit of a weird one, let’s just jump right into it, because I have a lot I want to say about this album.

I like this record, I really do. This is the third outing by this band, and it’s a concept record about the Zodiac Killer, which is pretty cool. It opens with the title track which sets the tone rather expertly. The song is a tasteful 1980’s throwback track with some solid vocals throughout it. In fact, I think the vocals throughout this entire album are pretty nice and menacing. They give a lot of life to the album that it would otherwise not have. The next track, Too Many Faces is also quite good, it cycles through several Heavy Metal passages and fills up its six minutes well. The first two tracks introduce a pattern that this record follows. There are several longer tracks that are spaced apart on the record by some under four-minute ones. I am happy to say that it does help the pacing of the album. I am also happy to say that the longer tracks on the record are also some of the better ones. The song Underneath My Skin is a nice, meaty song that cools down halfway through, and ends with a wild Trash passage. The closer, Unglue My Soul is a nine-minute monster that builds up to its insanity. About halfway through, the track heats up and really explodes. Not only that, the track closes the album with one of the most insane guitar solos I’ve heard all year. While I’m not too thrilled that it just fades out, it’s nice that the record sends itself off on some nice brutality.

The shorter songs on this album are more of a mixed bag. The penultimate song, Deceit is absolutely nuts. It’s easily the most energetic song on the record and features excellent riffs, breakdowns, and vocals that are just full of anger and contempt. I really love the song and it’s easily my favorite on the entire thing. The tracks A New Moon and Black Rivers are fine, but they don’t really leave a huge lasting impression on me. They also don’t do much to advance the concept of the album, and both songs just feel like filler tracks to me. That being said, I do feel like My Regime has managed to make an album that I would say has no bad songs on it. Just some that are weaker than others.

Now, I want to talk about the concept of the album, and the execution of it. I always do a blind listen to the album first before reading any details about it. I would never have guessed that this was a concept record, despite a few audio clips and several lyrical references. My impression of those was that the band was just writing some edgier song. The album does make a lot more sense knowing about the conceptual approach, but there are aspects that seem weird without. I think there needed to be more devotion to the concept because as is, its barely a concept record. It makes a few references to its subject, but by no means commits to the themes it is approaching. While I don’t think this is a mortal sin, it shows that this album is holding back.

To be honest, my biggest issue with this album is that it holds back. These guys can play, and when this record rips its exciting. However, it often doesn’t, and a lot of the songs feel like they could have been improved with some more energy and violence. I do think this record ironically would have benefitted from some more life flowing through the songs.

I would call this album an enjoyable experience. I think there are definitely some things that keep it from being great, but I do think the album manages to stand on its own. While I think this album needed to commit to its musical motifs and concepts more than it did, I don’t feel like My Regime dropped the ball on anything major on this album.

Score: 7/10

1. Peek Through The Pines
2. Too Many Faces
3. A New Moon
4. Underneath My Skin
5. You Will Never Understand
6. Black Rivers
7. Deceit
8. Unglue My Soul

Total Playing Time: 42:12

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