Mammoth Grinder – Cosmic Crypt Review

Band: Mammoth Grinder
Album: Cosmic Crypt
Label: Relapse
Genre: Death Sludge
Country: USA
Release Date: 26 January, 2018

This is a perfect packaging of sound, name, and cover art. Mammoth Grinder, a three-piece out of Texas, returns with their first album in five years and whew, is it a crusher. In here you will find massive riffs (lumbering like a…Mammoth) and crushing grind (like a…Grinder), and plenty of sludge. Frontman Chris Ulsh (Power Trip, Impalers) recruited Mark Bronzino (Iron
Reagan) and Ryan Parrish (Iron Reagan, ex-Darkest Hour) to make this current line-up a beast to behold. Add to it some evocative and amazing cover art and you’ve got quite an experience waiting for you.

The album opens with “Grimmenstein” and it’s safe to say this one is a template for what you’ll be getting as the record spins forward: creepy atmosphere, riffs, riffs, riffs, guttural vocals, sludge, riffs, riffs, riffs, and crushing heaviness, with plenty of punk-infusion to keep things interesting. It rages along, thumping and galloping, slowing just enough to hammer you over the head with some mallet-like riffs, and then blasting right into “Servant of the Most High,” another scorcher.

From there the album does its thing, alternating between curb-stomping your face and dragging your body around over broken glass. Every song pretty much rages and gives no mercy.

Some highlights:

“Divine Loss” is a brief burst of punk goodness that starts sloooow and then raises that sledgehammer and barrages you with an outburst of pure adrenaline. And then it’s done and it’s gone and you’re left trying to catch your breath.

“Human is Obsolete” is my favorite track off the album. It simply crushes. Slow and thick, swirling and grinding, pounding. It’s the longest track on the record at just under four minutes and it certainly uses every second of its running time effectively. After the lumbering beginning, the speed comes freewheeling in to add some desperateness to the song. This song feels like it’s going to come off the rails and crash, but it never does, the band expertly holding the reins just enough to guide it along without losing complete control. Massive.

Closer “Cosmic Crypt” is another juicy one, short and to the point, this one kind of gallops more than it crushes, but that’s okay, because it adds to the overall flavor of the entire record. The drums here are especially of note, as they keep things moving right along with a sense of immediacy and brevity, never cluttering the track. It’s a good album closer.

So what you have here is a really good record that probably needs to be listened to as a whole, seeing as most of the songs flow right into each other. Picking out individual tracks (like I foolishly did above) is probably not the best course of action, because this release is really one blur of crushing goodness. Lots of great riffs to be had here, buzzing and assaulting with no hint of compassion, looking to simply knock your block off. And that’s what this record does: it knocks your block off.

Rating: 7/10

1. Grimmenstein
2. Servant of the Most High
3. Blazing Burst
4. Divine Loss
5. Molotov
6. Superior Firepower
7. Human Is Obsolete
8. Locusts Nest
9. Mysticism
10. Rotting Robes
11. Cosmic Crypt

Total Playing Time: 28:21


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