Malamorte – Hell For All Review

Band: Malamorte
Album: Hell For All
Label: Rockshots Records
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Italy
Release Date: January 25th, 2019

Look, I get January is a tough month. The weather sucks, the movies suck, and let’s be honest, the music usually sucks too. However, I see it as my obligation to not give this record a pass for being bad because it’s January. And wow, this thing is bad.

I’ll be completely honest, it’s the vocals and lyrics that completely wreck this album, but the main issues don’t start until the fourth track. The opener sounds like the beginnings of a battle of epic scales and I found it pretty exciting. The next song is pretty decent as well. I think it has a solid, trashy energy, and the lyrics aren’t too over the top yet. Vocally, the shortcomings are clear, but they have a bit of charm on this song. However, the mid-section of this track is kind of agonizing with the various wails calling out who and what is burning, it’s not very appealing. Warriors Of Hell starts off pretty excitingly, and I enjoy its triumphant, galloping riffs. Still, the vocals are pretty bad for the most part especially the “we will fight” refrain, but it’s not too much of an annoyance. I can credit this song, and frankly this whole album, for trying to push this triumphant warrior aesthetic in the music. Warriors Of Hell is actually a compelling track, and at this point on the album I was pretty intrigued for what would follow.

Unfortunately, what followed was awful. The fourth track has bad lyricism and the lack of anything interesting going on in the music really accents how poor the vocals are. The guitar solo is okay, but the rest of the track is completely bland. However, it is infinitely better than what follows. The song Mother has easily one of the worst vocal performances I have ever heard. Even the parts where the vocals aren’t being wailed are only one step above bearable. This song is unlistenable and I’m glad I don’t have to come back to it again.

The title track is next, and it’s weird. It has no real song structure, which makes it kind of confusing, and I really don’t understand what necessity was seen in this choice. It starts with a heavy metal passage that sounds wholly unoriginal, and then for no particular reason it abruptly switches and becomes basically a Post-Hardcore song. I’m not going to lie, I actually really dig the middle of this song, but it is abandoned for another heavy metal passage that repeats the phrase “Hell For All” ad nauseam. Still, it’s not nearly as bad as the song Son. For one the wailed vocals on this track are off-putting, but the lyrics are what really makes me want to pound my head into my desk. I counted, and the phrase “you are the son of Satan” is repeated 45 times in this song, and I honestly may have missed one or two. Let me tell you, it got old after the first six. While the song isn’t musically bad, it’s so unbelievably irritating that I can’t garner any shred of enjoyment out of it for its entire five-minute length.

The song The Worshipers Of Evil that follows is thankfully much more tolerable. It’s still a bit of a dull track, but the guitars and drums have some teeth and meat to them, and there is actually a pretty sick guitar solo at the end.  Satan’s Slave has one of the oddest vocal performances, and it actually sounded to me like an awful Ann Wilson impression. The lyrics on this song are par for the course of this album. It’s just a really goofy and pointless song that makes me roll my eyes. The best thing I can say about the closer, God Is Nothing, is that it ends the record. Truthfully all of the complaints I had about every other track can be applied to this.

I don’t really have much more to say. Hell For All is an embarrassing record. I don’t mind satanic lyrics, but this is littered with tasteless, edgy, angsty teenager satanism, and I find that agonizing to sit through. Malamorte has presented a rare breed of record. There are very albums that I would say are ruined by their lead singer, but this is one of them. Normally, I would be able to let things like bad vocals and lyrics slide, but when they are to this extreme of a degree, it is unforgivable.

Rating: 2/10


  1. Advent
  2. Antichrist
  3. Warriors Of Hell
  4. Holy Or Unholy
  5. Mother
  6. Hell For All
  7. Son
  8. The Worshipers Of Evil
  9. Satan’s Slave
  10. God Is Nothing

Total Playing Time: 43:31

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