Frozen Crown – The Fallen King Review

Band: Frozen Crown
Album: The Fallen King
Label: Scarlet Records
Genre: Power Metal
Country: Italy
Release Date: February 9th, 2018

Power metal is a stunning genre of metal with many different styles, whether you have ripping keyboard and guitar duels or soaring vocals about adventuring through middle earth. I would say it is the most artist influenced style of metal out there besides maybe prog. What I mean by this is that every great power metal artist has their own signature, something that draws you to them and sets them apart from the crowd. Enter Frozen Crown, a band releasing their first album and still finding their way.

Over time, I have noticed that bands usually produce their first album in one of two ways, the first is to introduce their style, its a very in-your-face entrance into the world of music and is a strong hit or miss. The other is to create something well within the confines of safety while showing pieces of their true ability throughout the album, this second method is what Frozen Crown have used. The album has an all around sound that reminds me of bands such as Falconer, Dark Moor, and Heavenly with less polish. I like to call power metal bands like this “Dark Fantasy” due to their leanings of traditional heavy metal instead of symphonic roots than other power metal bands.

Now to get into the album itself, The Fallen King starts off on a low note. The first three tracks are not very good in my opinion, the lyrics repeat a lot and other than the intro to the first track, Fail no More, I never felt the awe that usually accompanies music of this style. The songs are not bad, if anything they’re just forgettable which is a shame because it really lowered my expectations for the album.

The fourth track “I am the Tyrant”, is what made me recognise how amazing this band could be. The whole song is imbued with passion and force. The keyboards are on point and they really jolt you awake from the previous three tracks. The vocals are astonishing, clean and powerful soaring over the rest of the instruments, the male and female vocals winding in and out of each other with beautiful harmonies. One thing that I loved was the incorporation of harsh vocals, instead of using them sloppily with little effect on the song (And throughout the whole album) they come in occasionally and turn the melodic sound into a wall of force for a few short seconds before the melodic harmonies return.

Next we get to the shieldmaiden, if the last track showed of vocal prowess this one shows the capability of the guitarists. A constant, fast, and catchy riff plays throughout the song with the vocals acting as icing upon a cake with a great chorus that doesn’t get any less epic with each time you hear it. I love songs that tell stories and this one does that with flying colors. This is by far the greatest song on the album. The sixth song is Chasing Lights which is a nice balad to balance out all the fast paced songs that have gone by so far, the song has a good atmosphere and it’s nice to listen to when in the mood for some good guitar playing.

The band is all around good, they do not have bad tracks, they do however have songs that are boring, which is a subjective thing. I find some songs boring, such as the seventh and eighth tracks, because they lack creativity. Frozen Crown should incorporate more of their screamed vocals, more of their keyboards, and more soaring vocals. These are by far the strongest elements the band has and I feel them holding back. The two final tracks are good, and as I finish the album I feel bad that I couldn’t say more about the band, they show elements of something great, and this is a good starting place, but this album is just good, that’s all. That being said though, I look forward to whatever the band puts out next, I am excited to see what the future holds for them and I hope they embrace what they are. At the end of the day, Frozen Crown is a good band lacking polish and originality however, they show a huge amount of potential.

Rating: 5/10

1. Fail No More
2. To Infinity
3. Kings
4. I am the Tyrant
5. The Shieldmaiden
6. Chasing Lights
7. Queen of Blades
8. Across the Sea
9. Everwinter
10. Netherstorm

Total Playing Time: 44:45

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