Eluveitie – Origins Review

Band: Eluveitie
Album: Origins
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Switzerland
Release Date: August 1st, 2014




I stand along my brothers in battle, with a sword in my hand, ready to defend my land, my family, and my people.  The smell of blood is already heavy on the air as the Romans advance.  I scream a war cry and rush forward, ready to fight to the death.  That’s the atmosphere that comes along with every Eluveitie Album.

So that brings us to August of 2014 and those Celtic Folk Metallers from Switzerland, Eluveitie, give us another album that transports us from modern times back to ancient ones.  No matter where you are, the hot summer suddenly changes and you’re back in those Gallic times, fighting off Romans with a sword.  That’s what this band does best.

This time around, instead of the usual lyrics revolving around war as in the previous album, “Helvetios”, this album’s lyrics are more focused on the aetiological tales from ancient Gaul.  Even the album cover of “Origins” is based on the hammer-club shaped halo of Sucellos, which was the ancient God of agriculture, forests, and alcoholic drinks of the Gauls.  Now that the short lesson of ancient Celtic Mythology is over, let’s get down to the music on this album.

After a short intro narrated by the same character from “Helvetios”, the album kicks right off with “The Nameless”, which sets the tone for the entire album.  Chrigel Glanzmann’s trademark vocals sends chills down your spine as you’re traveling back in time and the album starts a sting of one great song after another.

Sadly, that streak comes to an end with “The Call of the Mountains”, which is a good song in its own right but it didn’t move me.  It’s the “Anna” song where Anna Murphy gets her chance to shine.  Her voice is as beautiful and haunting as ever but the track just didn’t move me like “A Rose for Epona” did (and still does).  The album picks up steam once again with the song “Sucellos”, named after the Gaulish God I mentioned before.

The remainder of the album is once again one great song after another with “The Silver Sister”, which is one of my favorite tracks off of the album and each track leads up to the awesome outro, once again narrated by the “Helvetios” warrior which gives the album an almost cinematic ending.  Then the sword leaves your hand and you’re transported back to modern times, blown away by what you’ve just heard.

The album overall is well written and while it may not be Eluveitie’s strongest album, it’s still a solid one and worth listening to.


Rating: 7/10



1.   Origins (intro)
2.   The Nameless
3.   From Darkness
4.   Celtos
5.   Virunus
6.   Nothing
7.   The Call of the Mountains
8.   Sucellos
9.   Inception
10.  Vianna
11.  The Silver Sister
12.  King
13.  The Day of Strife
14.  Cgmios
15.  Carry the Torch
16.  Eternity (outro)

Total Playing Time: 57:19


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