Djevel – Saa Raa Og Kald Review

Band: Djevel
Album: Saa Raa Og Kald
Label: Aftermath Music
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Release Date: April,29th 2015



Djevel is a black metal band from Olso, Norway in 2009. The four members who make up this group are Trond Ciekals, (guitars,clean vocals, and chanting) Dirge Rep, (drums) Mannevond, (bass) and Erlend Hjelvik, (who also does vocals but more harshly). All of the music and lyrics are written by Trond Ciekals. Several of the band members were previously featured in other bands such as Kvelertak, Koldbrann, and Enslaved.

The band came out with their debut album in 2011 Dossanger followed by their second full album release in 2013 Besatt AV Maane Og Natt. All three of their albums were put out under the label Aftermath Music which is based out of Trondheim, Norway and they specialize in Black, Doom, Gothic, and Death metal Albums. The album itself has been getting rave reviews from the black metal community and Antichrist Magazine has stated that it is one of the best black metal albums in years.

The album starts out with the track Skritt For Skritt Mot Mareritt. The song starts out with some mysterious chanting and then is pretty much instrumental. But, by the second track Vaar Forbannede Jord, starts out much faster with a rapid drum beat that that commands your attention. The vocals are a combination of screeching and guttural, but the guitar riffs definitely have a very harmonies feel. The title track Saa Raa Og Kald, was extremely impressive in my opinion between the extreme drumming, harmonies riffs, and the aggressive vocals this was my most favored track on the album but, it really gives a chance to see exactly what this band is capable of. The majority of the songs on this album start out extremely faced paced and the thunderous drumming pushes the songs to a higher level. The song I En Iskald Grav is a two minute instrumental track which was actually very harmonies and just added to the mystery surrounding black metal itself. And, no this album is not in English however this is more of an album where the music and not the lyrics tells you the story. I would actually classify it more of an opera type album then just a run of the mill black metal cd.. This album honestly has everything I would look for in the black metal genre album. Listening to it it’s almost like a trip to another time where evil lurks but in such a beautiful way I couldn’t get enough. If you are a fan of black metal you will be adding Saa Raa Og Kald to your music collection without a doubt. And if you never really experienced black metal, this would be a perfect example of what the black metal genre represents.

Rating: 9/10


1. Skritt for Skritt Mot Mareritt
2. Vaar Forbannede Jored
3. Hode OG Hals I Doedvals
4. Om Prest Og Pest
5. Norge Land Og Rike
6. I En Iskald Grav
7. De Som Hadde Onde Oeyne
8. Salmesang Og Knokkelklang
9. Saa Raa OG Kald
10. I Vaar Herres Navn…

Total Playing Time: 46:42

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