Debauchery – Fuck Humanity Review

Band: Debauchery
Album: Fuck Humanity
Genre: Death Metal / Death ‘n’ Roll
Label: Nuclear Blast
Country: Germany
Release Date: July 10th, 2015


“Thou shall not suffer a human to live”.This little diddy is now stuck in my head, all thanks to this amazing little gem, currently going round and round on the playlist (sorry, vinyl reference, had to be done). The band is Debauchery (as you could not tell perhaps from the title)

I have not had the privilege of listening to any of Debauchery’s previous albums (and there are numerous. They have been busy little blood soaked bees). Nor can I say I have had the pleasure of listening to more acts considered part of the “death ‘n roll” genre. Can’t wait to discover some more of them.

Debauchery hails from Germany and started in 2000 as Maggotcunt (you just got to love these names, there is a clear train of thought in them). The band was founded by Thomas Gurrath and then drummer “Dani” (just Dani). Point of interest, Gurrath was actually a philosophy teacher before perusing he’s nether career as “Bloodbeast”.

Thou shall not suffer a human to live” (Sorry, its now becoming a mantra). That is the ominous line from their title track of the new album “Fuck Humanity. This is the 10th album that Debauchery had released in 2003. They are labelled as a “death ‘n roll” band. I have no idea what that is, they remind me a lot of early venom (On the song “To Hell”, Gurrath reminds me a lot of Chronus in his frivolous youth). And just as much as they lean towards death metal, they also master the riffing that can easily categorise them as masters of Rock. The solos on some of these songs are made for stadium audiences

The album kicks off with the track “My religion is hate”. It starts of slow but builds up to a march, crescendoing into themes of War, hate and death (where are disease and famine?). This launches into “Ironclad declaration of war”, which showcases the amazing guitar talent of Gurrath. This song has a nice rock feel to it (if you ignore the death vocals of course).

But the thing I like about them, is that as soon as you feel humbled in their presence, they bring forth some creative catchy lyrics that reminds you not to take them all too serious. Where a lot of other bands, hammer you with a lot of soul crushing political posturing and self doubt, Debauchery is a band that are masters at what they do, but with a hint of genius and humour that almost say :”Have fun digging through the corpses with us”. With song lyrical gold like “Super Heavy german war machine” and “Zombie extermination crusader”, there is very little not to like about them.

My favourite song on the album is “To Hell”. Like I said, they remind me a lot of an early Venom. And this song showcases it perfectly. I can really give this album the two hand metal salute, so fuck humanity and go get this one, its a goodie

Thou shall not suffer a human to live” (Love that)

Rating: 9/10


1. My Religion Is Hate
2. Ironclad Declaration Of War
3. Kneel Before The Dragon Gods
4. Gorezilla
5. German Warmachine
6. Murderbrute Minotaurs
7. Fuck Humanity
8. For The Emperor
9. King Of The Killing Zone
10. The Horror Of The Forest
11. Zombie Extermination Crusader
12. To Hell

Total Playing Time: 29:40

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