De Profundis – The Blinding Light of Faith Review

Band: De Profundis
Album: The Blinding Light of Faith
Label: Transcending Obscurity
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Release date: May 10 2018

Every metalhead enjoys a little bit of blackened death metal, and if you say you don’t, you’re lying to yourself. Weather it’s the likes of Behemoth or Goatwhore, maybe something more proggy like De Profundis. I hear you asking yourself right now “Wait, who are De Profundis?” well, buckle up and be prepared for one of the best active death metal acts out of the UK. De Profundis began in 1998 with a much grimier, deadlier sound than they have today. The band is not a rusty meat cleaver of a band like cannibal corpse, nor is it a volatile chainsaw like deicide. Instead they are an Illustrious blade, honed to perfection, and while not massively versatile, very effective when used for its intended purpose.

“The Blinding Light of Faith” is an album that, from the first song, makes its purpose clear. The band thrives off of its hatred for all religion, weather its Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or Hinduism, the lyrics encompass all the rage they hold, and direct it like a precision strike for maximum damage. Every track on the album is worth listening to, the vocals are crisp while staying brutal, the drums never come across as monotonous or exhausting, and every riff has heart and skill put into it. Each song is unique and masterful in their own right, however the stars of the show are tracks like “Bastard Sons of Abraham”, “Martyrs”, and “Beyond Judgement”. Blistering and powerful, everything brings something new to the table to make each track feel like its own beast.
While De Profundis has a sound that, on a first casual listen may sound generic, subsequent plays of the album show that they’re anything but. Each listen helped me peel back layers more and more to the tiered and complex sound the band has.

“Bastard Sons of Abraham” is my favorite song on the album, beginning with an almost thrash sound before catching the listener off guard with a low raspy growl that picks up the whole songs tempo and atmosphere, from an ominous groove to a blistering attack once the first solo hits. “Martyrs” begins with the sounds of a battlefield, literally. The cry of “Allahu Akbar” can be heard over the sound of gunshots before an explosion and the beginning of the song. This is the track where you really KNOW the band isn’t playing. It’s almost a spit in the face aimed directly at religion, and it’s great. “Beyond Judgement” is a great track that demonstrates the band’s skill, every instrument blending well, forming one of the best songs on the album and what is possibly the most straightforward death metal song on the album.

The band draws on many influences throughout the album and at time it becomes difficult to see where the progressive elements are. They’re amazing at what they do, which is blackened thrash, but occasionally parts seem forced in, such as the intro of Godforsaken which, in my opinion could be remove  for shortened to not a few seconds. That being said though, you miss every shot you don’t take and it’s good that the band try new things even this far into their career. While I don’t have many criticisms of the album, and even the ones I do have are not picky, the album is very average. On the one hand the band have very few problems, on the other they have very little to make them stand out.

De Profundis are not new to the death metal game and this album is art that shows their mastery of the genre and their expertise of their instruments. The band have definitely impressed me with this album, especially going into it not knowing about the band beforehand. I would implore any fan of death metal to check out this album.

Rating: 8/10

1. Obsidian Spires
2. War be Upon Him
3. Opiate for the Masses
4. Bastard Sons of Abraham
5. Martyrs
6. Godforsaken
7. Beyond Judgement
8. Bringer of Light

Total Playing Time: 42:04

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