Black Salvation – Uncertainty Is Bliss Review

Band: Black Salvation
Album: Uncertainty Is Bliss
Label: Relapse
Genre: Doom Metal/Psychedelic Rock
Country: Germany
Release Date: 6 April, 2018

German hard rock trio Black Salvation is here with their debut titled Uncertainty is Bliss and I have to say that it is a masterpiece. These musicians work together in a way that is almost religious. I took a listen while in a straight frame of mind, and many times over in more of an ‘under the weather’ state of mind and I can confidently say that it is a great companion for either occasion. The technical imperfection and habitual rule breaking of this album provides the groundwork for an experience of absolute brain blowing bliss. It really takes a few listens to catch everything that takes place in the eight tracks, but it is a completely different trip each time.

The end is the beginning in the case of In A Casket’s Ride because Black Salvation introduces themselves with an art piece as confusing as it is intense; that is until you learn the secret. The swell of guitar noise that sucks itself away was so numbing to me that I had to take the time to play it backwards to see if it had been flipped, and I’m happy I did. This fucking song plays backwards exactly as it does frontwards! I’m talking the whole seven minutes of music played in reverse from end until beginning features the same progressions, vocals, jazz style beats, and everything as it does played forwards. There seems to be madness in the genius that is Black Salvation and the rest of this record is only further testimony to that.

Understand that by the time I got to Breathing Hands I was swimming in this record. The sound and overall vibe of this concept had me hypnotized. Breathing Hands may be the most radio friendly track and Black Salvation presumably agrees as this is the debut single featuring the band in an official music video. The bass guitar grooves heavy with a uniquely pop sounding guitar riff and enough vocal whoa-whoa-whoa’s to have you singing along before the song is halfway through. This tune my have an indie pop framework but it sticks to the core of psychedelic music by hiding jam sections in each refrain and an incredible baritone voice from the lyricist as his chant is used as an instrument to howl whatever his message may mean to you.

A Direction Is Futile is Black Salvation’s Moby Dick. This track starts as typical as any other on this record but takes a turn down the darkest road when the bass line begins its loop into madness while wild jungle-beat drum rhythms create an atmosphere of psychedelic evil. The guitarist locks the asylum door behind him while he shreds chaos in every direction. Germany is on fire and Black Salvation lit the torch with this song droning enough to please the ears of that hipster guy you know down the street yet funky and nonsensical enough to remind your grandmother of the week she spent in the desert eating acid and licking orange peels.

If uncertainty truly is bliss then let Grey River take you in the direction of heavy and steady push that moves you away from psychedelic somersaults because this bitch is the most rockin’ song in the set list thus far but Getting Slowly Lost closes out the record and it is unfair to me. After what was an incredible experience listening to Uncertainty is Bliss, I just have to say I guess there is always the one song. Getting Slowly Lost is probably my least favorite but could have saved itself if it was placed second or third on the track list and not so much as a finale. I can’t say it ruined the experience, so do not let Getting Slowly Lost prevent you from adding Black Salvation to your collection. I do thank Black Salvation for writing what at very most is a basic enough song to leave my seat at the show to refill my beer or drain the tank.

After saying that, this is an incredible record. It was hard to find many negative things to comment on so I will be adding Black Salvation to my list of bands to watch out for and I absolutely will be adding a vinyl disc format of it to my collection as soon as it is available. I urge you to do the same.

Rating: 9/10


1. In A Casket’s Ride
2. Floating Torpid
3. Breathing Hands
4. The Eye That Breaths
5. Leair
6. A Direction Is Futile
7. Grey River
8. Getting Slowly Lost

Total Playing Time: 43:25

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